Microsoft's E3 briefing will air on Spike, Facebook and in HD VOD on Xbox Live

Microsoft and Spike TV have teamed up to bring the company's entire briefing in HD (via video on-demand) to the console. It will air live on Spike TV June 6th at 12:30 p.m. ET, with streams also available on (in high definition), Facebook,, and as well as being broadcast in Times Square.

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M-Easy3528d ago

My god M$ and Viacom have became a power couple. Now add Facebook and Time Square to the mix and now awkward jerky dance motions and pet tigers are going to everywhere.

Veneno3527d ago

I know huh. Why show the MS conference on all those channels for a bunch of Kinect games and timed exclusive MW3 map packs?

RedDead3527d ago

maybe they actually have something to show this year, hopefully, my 360 is wasting away in the corner

BabyTownFrolics3527d ago

god forbid they would want to advertise their product

SuperLupe3527d ago

Some people really are plain stupid. Thank God they arent running any business and probably wont ever.

Andronix3527d ago

I watch all the conferences sitting at my PC. The technology is here, so it makes sense for the big 3 to broadcast their coming attractions to an audience who is interested. So this is a great move by Microsoft, hopefully it's not just limited to the USA and is shown worldwide. Hopefully Sony and Nintendo follow suit. One and a half hours is a lot more comfortable if you are sitting in a nice sofa.

Morbius4203527d ago

I'll bet Sony's conference will be on facebook too. Even though most people think Nintendo took the show last year I was entertained by Sony the most. This year I hope Sony doesn't waste time with the PSN situation.

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Theyellowflash303527d ago

Sony has the NGP and the most powerful Console on the market.

Nintendo has Project Cafe that can and will do games in 1080p 60fps. Plus tons of 3DS games to be announced.

Microsoft has.... has... umm has... Kinect? All joking aside MS has to have something up their sleeve because we haven't heard anything up to this point. Gameplay of Kingdoms some core Kinect games maybe? Well one thing is for sure E3 is going to rock.

fatalred alarm3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

haven't seen much of project cafe to be honest, they can say whatever they want but the thing i learnt by now is that i need visual evidence.

Also, this partnership hopefully indicates some new exclusives.

Theyellowflash303527d ago

Project Cafe is going to be awesome mark my word. The Developer talk up to this point was much more positive than the Wii ever was. Most 3rd party Devs didn't even get kits pre-launch. Where as the Project Cafe has had all sorts of Dev leaks and subtle comments even going back to early 2010

LocO_o3527d ago

'Project Cafe is going to be awesome mark my word"

Let me guess you think that the Wii was awesome as well. From what I heard so far the Wii 2 has no hard drive which is a no no in my book.

Morbius4203527d ago

I heard it has an 8gb HDD and flash memory storage. It may even have a cloud option.

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