Vivid Gamer Staff Pick: Games In Need Of Sequels

James Damian of Vivid Gamer writes, "Each year we see many games come and go without giving them a second thought. Aside from the plethora of bargain-bin shovelware, there are quite a few gems that fall through the cracks. Often times these games develop a cult following, with fans demanding some type of sequel or continuation. While some franchises suffer from sequelitis (see Tony Hawk or any Activision title) there are some games that are truly deserving of sequels, yet don’t. These games may have had an enjoyable character, or, worse, could have been the first in a planned trilogy (see Beyond Good & Evil) but regardless of the reason, these are games we feel are worthy of a successor. If Duke Nukem could finally get a sequel, then we’ can still hold out hope for these picks."

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dwightmccarthy2706d ago

Pure. thats the best atv game out there and ever made. needs to come back

admiralvic2706d ago

Yays for puzzle fighter!

rrquinta2706d ago

I actually want to see another Ghostbusters game. Not the crappy PSN shooter one, but another like the retail one from a few years ago. That one was just fun. It really felt like you were one of the Ghostbusters.

TheLiztress2706d ago

A Conker sequel would be awesome. It's a classic in its own right.

And I agree about the Ghostbusters game. The one they released (not the PSN one, mind you) was fun!

Jamesmanguyperson2706d ago

I also would like to see a new Panzer Dragoon. The Xbox one was meh at best..

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