Nintendo’s Project Cafe: Too Little Too Late? If you have been keeping up with gaming news over the past few months then you have probably already heard or read something about Nintendo’s next up coming console (Wii 2), codenamed ‘Project Cafe.’ The system is aimed to have next gen graphics, comparable to what we have seen on the PS3 and Xbox 360, along with dual stick controllers that have six inch LCD screens built into them. More details are scheduled to be released at E3, but I just can’t shake the feeling that the entire concept for this console is simply too little too late. In my mind, Project Cafe is sort of Nintendo’s way of admitting that the Wii truly is the gimmicky piece of junk that any true gamer could tell you that it is. Because now that Microsoft and Sony have jumped on the motion controls bandwagon, the Wii doesn’t really have anything to offer anymore.

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Shok3529d ago

This system isn't meant to catch up with the 360 and PS3. That's what a lot of people don't seem to realize. It's not a "Oh, the PS3 and 360 have HD so let's upgrade" thing, it's a "Ok, 5 years have been up for it's time for us to release another system."

tdogchristy903529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Idk, as console gens get more and more expensive you can't expect the industry to sustain a 5 year cycle. To tell people to shell out 700 or later on a 1000 per console ever 5 years wouldn't be wise. So either prices would Have to stabilize or console gens should get longer.

Menech3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Tell that to PC gamers, they make the entire industry and all the hardware advancements in it.

sloth33953529d ago

@ tdogchristy90

you have to remember with nintendo they havent brought out any system that has cost more then $250 so your reasoning is wrong to think that because other systems cost alot at launch that the new system with cost alot from nintendo

Knushwood Butt3528d ago

I don't really know where they are going with the screen in the pad idea. What's the point? You can't look at your pad and a TV at the same time. Or is it so that when one person is essentially playing a 1P experience on the TV, others can interact via their pad's and whatever is going on on their pad screen? In which case, could be fun, but who would rather play on the pad thing rather than the main game running on the TV?

I dunno, maybe their is some genius implementation that is going to wow everyone, or maybe it's just going to be a rather pointless addition.

Wonder how much one of those pads is going to cost...

archemides5183528d ago

i bet you when it is revealed it'll have "catch up" specs, aside from the new gimmick/screen controller.

White-Sharingan3528d ago

If it does have 8gb of internal memory like the rumors say, they aren't even
trying to catch up to PS3/360. You install 5 demos and its done.

AWBrawler3528d ago

6 years, because its for 2012 and the wii released in 06
so yeah it's your typical console gen, and the idiots claiming that Nintendo are playing catch up, can't really believe that PS4 and Nextbox aren't coming soon too.

stealth500k3529d ago

I am sure nintendo is thrilled 100 million people bought that "gimmicky piece of junk".............that just happenes to have the 2 highest rated games of the gen.


White-Sharingan3528d ago

100 million? where? Oh, are we talking about PS1 or PS2?

"that just happenes to have the 2 highest rated games of the gen"

Yeah, and has the largest list of shovelware that we have seen in a decade. Although galaxy is the highest rated game, Nintendo has the lowest number of solid titles (80%+ overall rating) out of the three systems. Both Sony and Microsoft blow Nintendo out of the water with that list.

Let's not even begin talking about software sales; if the game is not published by nintendo or a piece of crap party game, software sales are shit.

jessupj3528d ago

I'll admit the wii has some great games, but any real gamer would choose a ps3 or 360 over a wii any day of the week.

It's might not fit the definition of 'gimmicky', but it doesn't change the fact it's a very inferiour console with mostly shovelware in it's library.

AWBrawler3528d ago

I'm a real gamer. What makes me any less Real because I chose a Wii? Maybe, just Maybe some of my favorite franchises are Nintendo exclusives

White-Sharingan3528d ago

AWBrawler- you mean those franchises that were released only once this generation? (except mario galaxy), you got your money's worth, that's for sure.

AWBrawler3528d ago

I only needed one DKC, one Metroid (got 2) one Zelda (on its way) one Mario (Got 3) one Smash, one mario Kart, one Fire Emblem, and one Animal Crossing from Nintendo to be happy with my purchase,

because I always buy more third party games on my Nintendo consoles, and Tales of Symphonia has kept its Nintendo exclusivity with part 2, and I enjoyed Rune factory, NMH, Fragile, Tenchu, Boy and his Blob, Monster Hunter, Sakura Wars, and many other 3rd party games this gen. Heck as a MEGA SONIC FAN (I still collect the comics) I was very pleased by the many Sonic Titles, which include Unleashed and Colors.

White-Sharingan3528d ago

Well I guess the wii is perfect for you because I wanted a second super smash, I wanted a second paper mario, etc. I don't see why you would just need one game per generation, that's wasting your money on a console.

At least with PS3 and 360 we get multiple games from multiple franchises in one generation, and lets not even begin with the overabundance of amazing third party games (Latest one being LA Noire). You may have bougt sonic games but it seems that you will be missing the one that goes back to its roots, Sonic Generations. But hey, to each his own I guess.

AWBrawler3527d ago

nope, I'll play Generations cos I have a PS3, but as for the one per gen, Do I really need a new smash? Those games are fun and I'm sure I'll be playing Brawl right up to the next Smash on Café.

also Kirby will have 2, technically Sin and punishment has 2, and Galaxy had 2. I like variety and I don't need multiple sequels.

Just like I got a PS3 for Metal Gear, Ratchet, and Folklore, I got a Wii cos I knew some games I like were coming, because they were Nintendo games, so they had to be on the Wii.

I have enjoyed the Wii greatly this gen! From the first No More Heroes, to the One Piece games, which are actually pretty good like the Tales games, to Fragile, to 007, to Overlord, to the Sonic Games.

jessupj3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

@ AWBrawler

While I was arrogant to use the term 'real gamer', I really do think the wii is a cut below the other 2 home consoles.

The fact that your posting on this forum tells me that your most likely a hardcore gamer. If you can enjoy games on the wii you can definitely appriciate the games on a more powerful console with better graphics including HD output, better physics, a lot more production value which generally improves all aspects of the game from story telling to the score, much better online etc.

As a harcore gamer I feel you're missing out on a lot of quality games you would thoroughly enjoy. But if your satisfied with your wii, who am I to tell you what to play. As for me, I'm extremely satisfied with my PS3, not a single regret.

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user8586213529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

What I believe is that Nintendo have once again like the Wii added innovation to their console to justify the fact that it would be using current gen graphics (even though based on rumors it would surpass the 360 and ps3), In that case I would be happy to give their new console a try, granted that it doesn't solely rely on motion gaming.

Vortex3D3529d ago

One area that Nintendo has never done well is online gaming. But both PS3 and X360 have great online multiplayer capability in their games. Can Nintendo create a solid online capability like PSN or Live in a very short time? It's not something that can happen easily. After 5 years, PSN is finally about the same level as Live. Nintendo is 6 years behind Live not counting Xbox 1 Live.

Even Wii "2" hardware is slightly more powerful than PS3 and X360, most
non-exclusive games will be about the same as PS3 and X360. Don't believe it, why all those argument about PS3 is more powerful than X360 but yet very few non-exclusive games look better on PS3 version? Doesn't know how to program PS3 hardware or the developed on X360 first aren't an excuse because the end result is the game looks the same on both consoles. The game developers have to want to make the game perform the best possible on each console hardware and that's costly to do which most will choose to keep each console version about the same. With non-exclusive games will be mostly about the same as PS3 and X360, that's point of another console trying to say "Mii 2" can do it? Also, is "Mario" really going to look that much more incredible in 1080p with high polygon and textures?

As for Wii that sold 80 million worldwide, how many Wiis are frequently played like PS3 and X360. If Wii is really frequently played, Nintendo would have posted the number because it's great to show off in marketing. Since Nintendo has never once come out with an estimate number which seems to
suggest the number is probably bad because most Wiis out there are
gathering dusts. I know mine and everyone I know who owns a Wii is gathering dusts.

Also, it's going to be a real challenge to sell Wii "2" to all those 80 million Wii owners worldwide. Other than using Wii "2" as upscaler for Wii games, do a lot of casual Wii gamers really care about PS3/X360 types of games? Some will but probably no where close to 80 million Wii gamers. The price of Wii "2" will also be a big factor as it's going to more expensive than PS3 and X360 unless Nintendo is willing to sell at a lost which is something Nintendo doesn't do. Let's not forget the new controller with screen isn't going to cheap. More features on the controller is always going to drive the price up. And that's something gamers often don't ask until they get the console.

The bottomline is Wii "2" is 5-6 years behind and can only play catch up with PS3 and X360 as "Mii 2" can do it.

Grannyvukka3528d ago

"This system isn't meant to catch up with the 360 and PS3. That's what a lot of people don't seem to realize. It's not a "Oh, the PS3 and 360 have HD so let's upgrade" thing, it's a "Ok, 5 years have been up for it's time for us to release another system."

That doesn't really make sense. Especially considering I used to & many others used to buy Nintendo consoles, due to the fact that they would offer a significant step up in visuals from one console to the next...But Nintendo has decided to sit still for a whole gen. meaning there graphics chips & such, are not of a standard of modern day gaming. Like the Wii has graphics that do not exceed the Xbox 1, PS2 or GC, they are doing the same with the Wii 2 & releasing a console with 4-5 yr old tech, at a crucial time when PS4 & Xbox 360 could release anytime from early 2013, with a significant step up in graphics & all other game realted tech, that will be like the visual step up from Wii to PS3/360.

If true & Nintendo release this thing with graphics only on par (to slightly better) to that of Sony & MS's current machines, then they will have there work cut out for them....especially with this 8gig flash drive memory rumor, & the price......I think it will struggle to get hardcore gamers attention over the other 2, as Xbox 360 with it's cheaper base models, up to it's 320gig hdd models all selling for a pretty affordable price and PS3 not too far behind in price comparisons.

I think Nintendo's graphical quality, will be better than what is being bandied about, I think it has to have a distinct visual advantage over the current machines to make it a viable purchase for gamers like myself. I am more interested in ONlive at this stage to tell the only E3 will tell us just what we can expect in a jump, or parallel-ness in visual quality compared to the other two.

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