Battlefield 3: New Wake Island vs. Old Wake Island

One of the most popular Battlefield maps ever is getting a brand new look for Battlefield 3.

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Ghoul3162d ago

concept mate concept, cant wait for the realtime screens

Cataclism03165d ago

concept art makes me sad

slyrunner3165d ago

Bro, thats prob not even concept art, thats the real thing!

Scrotie_McBoogerball3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

That's an in game shot lol. It's just not finished so it's still in the "concept" stage.

How dumb are we today? Oh that's right people think the world is going to end tomorrow.

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-Alpha3165d ago

Man, I hoped they'd keep it original, I want to play in some nice looking areas instead of just war-torn maps.

mrv3213165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

YOUR IN A WAR... I mean c'mon what do you expect? A candy shop with puppies?

I just want some interesting scenes to, like a scene, where your seperated from your squad in a enemy area of the town, surrounded by civillians.

Or a scene, out of black hawk down.

I don't care how original it is... I just want the typical FPS scenes but actually done well, like the tense bridge/hoarde scene. Where your death isn't trigured by a helicopter or that if you die it's game over but if you die a minute later when your supposed to it's fine.

Have you ever seen war footage where the area hasn't been destroyed? Prior to any large scale engagement the area is usually carpet bombed, art, and more.

Jack-H3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

yeh but.... fully destructible pet stores?.... Get working on that DLC!! They used puppies in WWII why not? lol All joking aside I agree with you.

Jezuz3165d ago

I don't want another slow-mo scenes. It's seriously getting annoying.

-Alpha3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Well, actually, I am in a game. And war can happen in nice locations too, FYI.

"A candy shop with puppies?" Did you even read my comment?

Not everything has to be a post-apocalyptic, urban wasteland.

Darkfocus3165d ago

war isn't going to make the clouds turn dark and gloomy and the ocean start frothing though....

mrv3213165d ago

War does have an adverse effect on the amount of shelling, bombing and fires that occur in a city.

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Spitfire_Riggz3165d ago

Is this the same map from 1943?

RufustheKing3165d ago

Yes. and to me thats one of the best DownLoadable games I have ever played just as good as Fat princess. i really wish tho that they made a full game out if it instead of having 3 maps.

Motion3164d ago

They do have a full game- Check out Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield 2

Oxymoron0283165d ago

Thing is, when you start dropping bombs, shit dont stay pretty for long. So on this I agree with mrv321

Rearden3165d ago

I think that was one of the great things about the original Wake Island, it was that war took place almost in paradise.

Jack-H3165d ago

You obviously couldn't comprehend mrv321's point. You are a moron.

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Jack-H3165d ago

clouds part and a thousand angels sing *aaaaahhhhh*

PPTouch3165d ago

this takes me back to the days of Wake Island on BF1942...

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