PS3 Version of PES 2008 has Framerate Issues

According to reports the PS3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 or PES 2008, is absolutely terrible as it has very bad frame rate problems, leaving many reviewers to state that PS3 owners should avoid the game and pick up FIFA 2008 if they want a quality soccer experience.

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riqued4066d ago

IGN UK gave it 9.2 and didn't mentioned any framerate issues.

I don't even know this site ""...

shmee4065d ago

than ps3center run by a random guy or any other site

a 9.2/10 by Ign uk does a lot of talking .

ps3center4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

My bad, posted the comment twice.

Itachi4065d ago

PES always had frame rate problems but did that stop you from enjoying it


leon764065d ago

In Ign UK we read: "...It’s by no means perfect: the frame-rate drops when the screen gets really busy, usually during a quick clearance when the box is flooded with players or, occasionally, during a replay. But, when you’re actually stuck into the action, it’s likely you won’t really notice or indeed care." ARE THESE THE TERRIBLE FRAMERATE ISSUES THAT OTHER GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT?????? how ign uk gives the game 9.2 - "outstanding" - and other guys say that the game have terrible framerate issues??? the PES allways had frame rate issues, are this guys crazy???? but now is serious!!, why? because it's the ps3 version that's why, and this guys are making the chance to bash the ps3 !!!! this is completly ridiculous!!!!!

SWORDF1SH4064d ago

good point. it always had frame rate issues. and the guy at ps3 centre said its known from a solid frame rate which shows he has no idea

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MrSwede4066d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

This is clearly an issue. There are some sources confirming this. I have played some Fifa 08 lately on my PS3 and there are many framedrops in that game too for example in scenes when the players enter the stadium.

Edit: @sectionz, are you saying it runs smoothly in the sequences just before the matches starts?

sectionz4066d ago

i dont see ANYTHING like this. take your ps3 out of the oven.

paul_war4066d ago

Framerate drops or not I will always pick pro evo over fifa

Watkins4066d ago

haha, wasn't the PS3 the main platform for PES 08? I was thinking of buying this game, but now? Not so much. Definitely won't buy anything that has framerate issues. Pathetic work Konami, disappointing

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The story is too old to be commented.