Critics are Biased - and that's Okay

"Let’s be honest here – we are both human, you and I. There’s no reason for us to be unbiased, we gaming critics aren’t some kind of omnipotent, all knowing gaming demigods of the universe, we are all mortal. In fact, being biased is something to be praised, not scolded for. It allows us to give our feedback to the target demographics that we best represent. Most of the games that we play usually segregate critics into three different categories based on their skill. The three options that everyone’s confronted with are:"

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RaymondM3525d ago

good points, I can see how you'd always have a bias going into writing an article. Very tough not to walk into a review without an underlying notion of hate or enjoyment

Murgatroyd73525d ago

Bias can't be avoided, which is why I usually stick with reviews on Amazon rather than being loyal to a couple of review sites.

omicron0093525d ago

biased is ok as long as you know they are biased :)