Iorilamia's Top 5 Characters of MvC3

An opinion on who are in the top 5 and why.

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BigKev452800d ago

This game came and went fast.

RockmanII72799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

1 - Akuma
2 - Hulk
3 - Super Skrull
4 - Sentinel
5 - Spencer

Peaceful_Jelly2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

My list


...and I don't have a fifth one but people using Rachel are really annoying. All they do is: put floor trap, high-jump, shoot projectiles and as soon as you try to get close they do the diagonal kick and if it hits then prepare to get punished and if it doesn't then they run to the other side of the screen, put floor trap, high-jump, shoot projectiles... Rinse and repeat.

thebowkid2799d ago

Lol are you confusing Trish with Rachel from Ninja Gaiden? xP

likerussia2799d ago

Good list! I have been hoping to play this game soon.

dorron2799d ago

I'll eventually buy this game when I forsee no DLC coming in the future...I'd gladly buy a Complete Edition with DLC characters (Jill and Shuma, are there any more?).

RockmanII72799d ago

Right now Jill and Shuma are the only dlc characters which really surprises me, I thought Capcom would be going crazy on the dlc.