Top 10 Most Stylish RPG Characters in the Video Game World

GameDynamo - "They say clothes maketh the man (or woman), and the fantastic worlds of RPGs can offer a variety of unique, never before seen, and often physics-defying wardrobe. But style comes in other forms too – including what kind of ride you have, how you accessorise, your weapons of choice, and maybe a bit of flare and attitude too. So, without further ado, GameDynamo presents to you our pick for the top 10 most stylish RPG characters."

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likerussia3531d ago

I love this! Especially since Yuri and Alice was in it, :)

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Kalowest3531d ago

Sora is the coolest, especially when he transform. Is it just me or are most of those "Top 10 Most Stylish RPG Characters" from Square-Enix games(or were published by SE)

LightSamus3531d ago

Balthier is one of the coolest characters in any game ever. He just oozes charm.

shotgun_ps33531d ago

Glad to see some love going Balthier's way. FF12 was one of the best RPGs ever created and the game (as well as most of the characters) are so under-rated, mainly because it's not FF7.

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