Capcom not planning “shocking” announcements for E3

Capcom reveals some of their plans for E3.

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Hitman07693530d ago

Capcom already has a lot of reliable IPs. I do wish to see many new IPs and surprises at E3 though from all the big companies.

piroh3530d ago

what about Resident evil PSP?

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josephayal3530d ago

Onimusha not shoking? no way MEH!!

Uncharted3Goty3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

you know what that means Devil may cry is going to suck. ( article just so People know what i mean)

the_kutaragi_baka3530d ago

only idiots expected good DMC game of crapcom.

Uncharted3Goty3530d ago

I 100 percent agree trust me i already know it was going to suck they changed him 100 percent these isnt dante.

NovusTerminus3530d ago

I loved DMC, and although 4 was not as good it was still fun.

The new one just looked horrible. Nothing about the game was the same. and I mean NOTHING... They didn't even get the music right.

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The story is too old to be commented.