RF Online as Free MMORPG

Codemasters Online is offering RF Online as a completely free-to-play MMORPG, including the full game available for download with no monthly subscription required.

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CAPS LOCK4065d ago

I am currently playing archlord and its sweet...I would check this one out soon. Has anyone played this game before?

Bonsai12144065d ago

i was interested in this game like 2 years ago.. it looked promising and everything. it must have severely gone downhill from there if they're offering it for free. but i'll still play it. anything free is good and you shouldn't complain about it

Tarmgar4065d ago

I played Archlord for about 2 days and got bored of the bland gameplay. I then went to RF Online and it's the same bland gameplay but futuristic. Again, I played it for 2 days before uninstalling it. There's a reason they went free, but, you get what you pay for :).