YARS: Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Review

Lego + Pirates has to equal win, surely? Throw in some Jack Sparrow swagger. Mix with beautifully balanced blend of Lego humour, Pirates of the Caribbean quirkiness and fun gameplay and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a worthy addition to the LEGO brand.

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LordMegatron3531d ago

I Love PotC

on a side note... i can't stand the word swagger and
how everyone is using it now.

xTruthx3531d ago

Saw the new one yesterday and.... It was bad when you compare it with the other ones. It felt like a musical without the singing :/

AEtherbane3531d ago

No one on the corner's got swagger like us...

likerussia3531d ago

This is a good review I truly love how indepth it is.

daverage3530d ago

Aye. Swagger be a silly word in most cases. But when ye be talking 'bout the likes of Jack Sparrow, it is the perfect word to b usin'