NowGamer: MX Vs ATV Alive Review

NowGamer: Unless this experiment in releasing a budget product and topping it up with paid DLC sees some major, major changes we hope for nothing but failure in its immediate future.

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gaffyh3529d ago

Way too low a score, this is a budget title, so the score should be according to the price of the game. You wouldn't judge a PSN game to the same extent as a full PS3 game, same should apply with this really. It deserves a 6 from what I've played of it.

Firebird3603529d ago

I love the game, but I think we are going to get totally screwed just like the article said and end up paying well over $60 for the whole deal. I would give it an 8 not counting the dlc that is coming. But the graphics are bad, the environments look fine but the bike and rider are just plain ugly.