NowGamer: Dungeon Siege III Preview

NowGamer: We’ve said it before, but gamers must have a touch of OCD – or something akin – in our make up. We’re obsessive completionists and collectors who adore beating systems or tinkering endlessly with minutiae.

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jessupj2804d ago

Very pumped for this game.

I love RPG elements (leveling up, lots of exploration, huge amount of equipment to find and loot from mobs, currency system) but I HATE turn based combat, so this seems right up my alley.

madjedi2804d ago

Really because the max lvl 30 cap, single player character can't be used for online and when you join another persons game.

You don't use your character but a clone that is scaled up to the hosts lvl negating any effort you put into tweaking your character to your liking ect.

This may have you pumped up, it has me thinking dumbed down for the idiot masses something fierce.

I wonder why soe doesn't pull it's had out of it's ass and release champions of norrath hd collection for ps3. Or give me a release date for sacred 3.

I could be mistaken but everything i have read about ds3, is going in the wrong way to satisfy my dungeon crawler hunger.

When you f^ck up the online portion of your game to where it is inferior to an 7-8 yr old ps2 game, for maintaining your storyline you got issues.

I played tons of dungeon crawling games, i wasn't playing them for the deep story, those are jrpgs and some wrpgs not hack and slash dungeon crawlers.

jessupj2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

I agree with you completely.

After I wrote that I looked at a few more articles and discovered how they are going to mutilate the online portion of their game.

You have to step back and ask your self... "What the f*ck were they thinking?"

There is absolutely no motivation to play in a coop game that is not your own game. I just can't comprehend the abosolute stupidity of this decision. like you said, they have literally gone back 8 years.

Even if they allow loot, what is the point when most likely the host gets first dips and they you have to fight the other players in the event that an item you want actually drops which could take 1-2 hours of gameplay if it's anything like World of Warcraft.

Fortunately for me I'll still be very satisfied with just playing this game in single player mode. It's just very disappointing they're completely f*cked up online with just a few small decisions and made it completely useless.


Just read loot won't transfer over either. I am gobsmacked. Players now have absolutely no reason what so ever to join someone elses game. Well done Obsidian, well done...