Self-Entitlement, Sony Doesn't Owe Gamers Anything (ctrlrz)

PSN users are acting like a group of pyromaniacs angry at the idea of using matches instead of a lighter to start a fire. The problem is that it makes them look like whiny losers, incapable of self-sustaining behaviors much like a diaper-laden infant. Shawn Gordon of Controller Z gives an opinion on why the self-entitlement of gamers are a detriment to the culture and points out some things gamers should learn from the experience of the PSN outage.

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kuroukage3529d ago

Of course not. They don't owe anyone shit. If they want to keep customers on the other hand...that's a different story. That's the only reason they're doing it. If you don't understand that then you need a lesson on business.

ctrlrz3529d ago

Oh I understand that. However, the underlying point is that

A.)it doesn't need to be a practice for any reason (if Sony said "no" people would soon forget and buy in again anyway... if you think otherwise, you need a lesson in politics)

B.)Despite what "practices" are in place, it doesn't remove the immaturity shown by gamers in their approach.

kuroukage3528d ago

A.) Of course it does. It happens in business all the time because they want/need to keep their customers. They want to maximize profits. You can't do that if you're not caring if your customers stay or go. Haven't you ever tried something like cancelling your TV service and then they go and offer you some kind of deal (lower pricing and free movie channels for a few months) to get you to stay? They don't want to lose customers. It's bad business for them to have an attitude like that and they know if they do something like that it will lead to even more lost revenue. They've already lost a substantial amount of money as it is from having PSN down for a month, to having to rebuild the whole network, to the multiple lawsuits they're having to deal with. Why on Earth would they risk losing any customer when they're in such a horrible position? Just doesn't make sense why you think they should just be so arrogant in times like these when global economy is doing so poorly.

B.) Humans are greedy by nature. Immaturity has nothing to do with it.

ctrlrz3527d ago

A.) Sony, like Apple, knows they can poop all over their customers and they'll love them for it. same with Microsoft. The gamin culture would just as soon let Sony fall off as they would Microsoft. How is it you think we're seeing people buy into gimmicks - because people are tools, easily manipulated into buying whatever because they're told to.

B.)Immaturity has everything to do with it. We can't say greed in its various forms is not predicated level of maturity.