10 Games to Play Before the World Ends on Saturday

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"Regardless of whether or not you believe in a magical sky wizard who has the power to fulfill or crush your hapless human dreams in a split second solely because you loved said mythological deity with all your heart or glanced too long at your best friend’s significant other a moment too long, there is no arguing that a significant portion of humanity unfortunately believes that this Saturday may be the end of this little planet’s journey spinning hazardously through the galactic cosmos. Well, those aside, there are tons of must-play games to experience before you die."

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UltimaEnder2802d ago

LA Noire is all I need before Saturday and the Rapture...

darthv722802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today....It's already tomorrow in Australia."

thats_just_prime2802d ago

Darth good point now can get get anyone from australia to give us the play by play as the dead start raising from their graves and the demon armies are invading ?

Do I still have time to to do a bit more sinning before I head to the church to try to save my soul ?

TheKindRoost2802d ago

you surely can't disagree with this! well quoted my friend!

darthv722802d ago

a 400ft tall marshmallow man tearing up new york city.

BeOneWithTheGun2802d ago

If i dont get to play skyrim i will be super pissed.

awesomeperson2802d ago

6:14am May 21 here in Aus now, I feel pretty alive. By the way all this end of the world stuff, what timezone is it by :/

Silly Mammo2802d ago

^^^ Supposedly it starts in your time zone. Expect the earthquake to begin fairly shortly!!

NegativeCreepWA2802d ago

I think its Pacific time, because we all know Jesus was born in America! And God blesses America.

Menech2802d ago

I hope they all do get raptured, the planet will have x many less retards...


Can't world ending prophets come to an agreement? Wasn't the world supposed to end next year?

JohnnyBadfinger2802d ago

1.15pm 21/5/2011 Still alive here in Melbourne Australia. And in NewZealand it is 4.15pm but we lost contact with them about 45mins ago....


They one disagree thinks the world is gonna end.. lol XD

I_find_it_funny2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

did I miss the end of the world?

ChrisW2802d ago

The world will end before I play #1.

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lil Titan2802d ago

Bible "no one knows the day or the hour"

Quran "I have no knowledge of whether it is near or far."

Torah "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

if you have so much faith in the world ending tomorrow, sign over all your money in the bank to me today.

SuperSaiyan42802d ago

Jewdism came before Christianity so why does the Torah state 'son'. In actuallality God himself has never said to have a son.

Quran which was sent down to earth through Angel Gabriel where the words are written by God himself states a passage 'I have not taken unto me a son'.

God has no son, a bunch of Christians way back decided to make that bit up only because Mary conceived Jesus without intercourse.

WhitePolish2802d ago

Islam Is Not A Religion, It Is Foreign Law

darthv722802d ago

do religious people deny the fact of dinosaurs and cave men and evolution?

Some would go so far as to say that god was created by man. Not the other way around. Created as a focus to praise when things are good and blame when things were bad.

I believe more in the existence of life out there. It is just logically impossible for us to be the only ones. Faith has a funny way of working. Those who have faith in religion should be no different than those with faith in science.

Thousands of years of human evolution and the technology we have created brought into question by words written by people who had no other logical way of explaining what they experienced.

pain777pas2802d ago

Lil Titan you are on the right track my friend. Also Christianity is an new interpretation or testament of Judaism. They are one and the same really. The Only difference is whether or not you believe Jesus to be the son of God or not.

HolyOrangeCows2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

+1 Well said for Titan. He beat me to it.
It's ridiculous that this "preacher" thinks he calculated the day....that directly conflicts with Revelation.

"It is just logically impossible for us to be the only ones"
Not really....the probability of another planet being in perfect range of a star, having the necessary components for any type of life, having the right minerals, surviving long enough for the formation of carbon-based lifeforms, having a sustainable atmosphere, never being hit by a catastrophic event such as a massive meteor.....we're lucky. More and more scientists are suggesting a finite universe, too.

"do religious people deny the fact of dinosaurs and cave men and evolution?"
"Cave men" is a very convoluted term these days. If you're talking about people who live in a cave, then sure, anybody would believe in cavemen. If you're talking about sub-human primates, then there are some issues. First of all, there's a sever lack of evidence that the most preserved specimens of undeniably human-linkable creatures were incapable of speech. It's always implied that close ancestors couldn't engage in advanced speech and spent their day smelling their fingers after sticking it into their rear-end. Our closest ancestors may well have been just as human as you and me, but with different structure.

And most of the actual specimens that we've discovered have been warped skulls. Often not even that. They're often mostly faked/guessed out of clay to complete the skeleton/skull out of a tooth.

And why should anyone deny dinosaurs? They're creatures. Their existence doesn't negate anything.

This sort of debate sees a lot of BAAAAA!ing, but very few are capable of intelligent discussion.

@No Way
You're making a lot of silly assumptions about my statements.

"How can you say it's not probable?"
I never said that. I was just saying that "logically impossible" is hardly true.

"is your trying to say all planets needa be like Earth"
Again, I never said that. But I WAS including earth-like life. However, there are certain elements that we can pretty much rule out as possible basis to life, and with a lack of the ones that could be possible in ANY sort of life are largely missing from the known universe, and likely the majority of the planets in the finite universe.

"Not to mention, if I'm not mistaken, I beilieve that scientists, astronomers, whatever, have actually found other 'lifeforms' on other planets"
Dead bacteria on the moon isn't the "life" I was thinking of. We've been to the moon, SEVERAL times. Bacteria can very conceivably be contributed to life from earth, whether the collision theory or human interaction or other ways.

Cenobia2802d ago


I just find it funny that what most people hate most about religion is that people preach it to them.

What do they do in return? They preach right back. IRONY.

Quit your preachin' already. We're supposed to be talking about games.

frostypants2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I love how you say Christianity made stuff up, thus implying that the other two religions based on an invisible sky wizard are perfectly factual.

It's ALL mythology. None are more legit than the others. Even Judaism is largely plagiarized from much older religions (e.g., the "great flood" story pre-dates it).

And there's a reason why it's all based on "faith": none of it can be backed up rationally.

And yeah, based on all three of those mythologies, the day is unpredictable anyway.

No Way2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

The bit about the planets. How can you say it's not probable?
What it sounds like to mean, is your trying to say all planets needa be like Earth. And, that's just not true. There are plenty of planets out there, with all kinds of different elements and structure. Different minerals and atmospheres. It sounds like to me, you are thinking that another life form needs to be a replicate of a human being. Which I don't believe to be the case. Aint you played Mass Effect or seen Transformers?! Hah. Just because we can't live on another planet, does not mean another 'species' could not. They may not need water, an atmosphere, perfect temperature, sun or a moon. Hell, they may not even breath in oxygen.. Just cause the billions of planets out there doesn't have the same makeup of Earth, doesn't mean they can't sustain life..

Not to mention, if I'm not mistaken, I beilieve that scientists, astronomers, whatever, have actually found other 'lifeforms' on other planets, already.
Albeit, they may just be little molecules of whatever. Or, tiny insects.
But, regardless, they are life, or at least, a being of life.
Anyway, we certainly aint searched every planet out there.

Who knows what's out there ..

edgeofblade2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Let's get back to the good part.

Finger-Eater2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

See this people, stop talking about science and religion, and start talking about games. Someone brings up religion, then all of a sudden some atheist gets mad and starts a war. Happens every single time, just shut up and keep things to yourself.

n4gisatroll2802d ago


It's said when the first humans were starting to grasp life and not live like an animal anymore he thought of a way to gain control of more food or resources. And a spiritual being was created to control the ignorant. If you look when the holy roman empire was around they were spreading the terror of
"gods wrath" if they didn't give them money and obey. So I believe fully that god was created by man.

Dee_912802d ago

On news it said people already spending their life savings lol

madara0sama2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

@SuperSaiyan4 "Jewdism" lmfao *smh*

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meetajhu2802d ago

only 1 day to save your ass marine

2802d ago
AEtherbane2802d ago

Have sex and drink, my favorite game before the world ends...

trancefreak2802d ago

The nutz promoting this crap say its going to happen at 6pm eastern standard time.

so it will be the 22nd down under lol. I guess you will escape the tragedy.

the_kutaragi_baka2802d ago

HAHA, i would love to find these same lunatics religious on May 22nd and point and laugh my ass at them.

AusWarrior2802d ago

the world can't end today, my yoghurt expires next week...

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rickhunter892802d ago

SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wanted to play MW3!!!!

meetajhu2802d ago

Bobby Kotick i'll meet you in HELL!!

Istanbull2802d ago

lol, ignored for loving mw3

the_best_player2801d ago

You have already played MW3 cause all COD games are the same old recycled crap anyway lol.

despair2802d ago

Would someone call up who ever is in charge and get them to delay the end of the world, my copy of L.A. Noire doesn't get here until Monday from amazon.

St02802d ago

Done, they said it's been extended until December 2012

MaxXAttaxX2802d ago

It was only one place and one dude that said it would end on Saturday. I'm not even sure if other religious sites are even part of it or care.

pr0digyZA2802d ago

Yup it is only one guy, this guy is from one of those extreme christian groups that is so far from the actual religion of christianity it could actually be called a cult.


Would it made any difference if it was a billion people saying it?

Dependind on what you consider the world ending, it can either never happen (matter just don't disappear) or it happened many times before, even while humans where on earth (mass extinctions).

Anyway you look at it, I hardly believe such event would happen over night... The fact that the world is going just as usual today make me pretty confident to say that the world will keep basically the same for some centuries to come.

The concept of catastrophy had been proven false as a global event many times already. Even a comet hitting the earth took more than a thousand years to extinct dinossaurs.

Unless you think of world ending as a social event of course.

wsoutlaw872802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

not to mention that that one guy said Jesus would come in 1994 also, except now he "guarantees it". People are quitting their jobs for this sh**

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