Batman: Arkham City Story Mode Detailed

SegmentNext - "Batman: Arkham City director Sefton Hill tells us about the story mode of the game".

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LOGICWINS2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

"Batman: Arkham City’s story mode was designed to be story driven while remaining open world as we felt there was a really interesting space in between the two types of play. There is a main storyline which will take around 12-15 hours to complete, but this is less than half of the game."

Ummm...didn't they say that the MAIN story line for Arkham City would take over 25 hours to complete?

Now their saying that EVERYTHING, including the main story, the Arkham City side quests, and the Riddler puzzles will take 25-30 hours to complete...but before they said that the story mode ALONE would take 25 hours to complete. Misinformation?

MonkJammas2711d ago

In that interview he says there are 25hours of main stories and 15hours of side stuff.

Maybe the fact he says main stories, as in plural, is pertinent? Could there be more than one main story? So the main story takes 12-15hours, and then a secondary main story takes another 10? And then there is another 15hours of collectible stuff to do. Random guesswork, but you never know.

It just seems strange that within a week the same person would come out saying two different things.

NukaCola2711d ago

I really didn't want the world open. That seems more for Spiderman. I was open for areas that you could travel to via your bat(vehicles). The first game had a Metroid feel so I was hoping that this would be like Prime is, which a cut scene playing as you went to different areas, how the world was open but still broken into sections.

I know this game will rock anyway, but I don't want a GTA where you are just randomly helping people on the streets. Seems played out and want to see the same originality that Arkham Asylum had, but bigger and better in this.

SeanScythe2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Is it just me? But everytime I see that Pic of Bats a Harley I just think of what he's thinking at that moment.

"I could bend her over and bang the Sh!t out of that A$$!"

Jack-H2711d ago

Yeah... it's just you.

acemonkey2711d ago

it really dont matter...people are going to beat the game faster then any mark they put up....and bitch about it...i cant wait to play the game love the first one cant wait for Batman AC

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