The Showdown: Can Uncharted for the PS3 make a dent this November?

The Showdown continues. Each week Opposable Thumbs pick a topic, flip a coin to see which writer gets which side to debate, then present it to you. Today? Whether or not Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will help the PS3 this holiday season.

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Sez 4011d ago

i guess we will have to wait for december to find out or january to see what the holiday did for all console and games.

trane074011d ago

But when partnered with ratchet and clank? Damn skippy.

mgbass134011d ago

Is this a question? Barring some horrendous and inexplicable lapse in gameplay between now and release, or another 5 hour game, this is going to make some heads roll. PS3 will gain some respect back by December.

Real gamer 4 life4011d ago

if this game and haze both turn out to be AAA title then partner that with rachet wich is already a AAA title, its going to be a interesting turn of event. And if they release UT3 in december plus price cut. all i can say is wow!!

blusoops4011d ago

I'm buying these games on day 1, especially Uncharted...I'm even gonna pick up Time Crisis 4 in Nov if it isn't delayed, but I'm really really hoping for a 2007 release for UT3!!!

lodossrage4011d ago

I mean yeah, the game is gonna be EXCELLENT. I don't dare question the level of quality that uncharted will have. But I'm not totally certain that it will make a dent.

But I say that ONLY because alot of the other things coming out in november are either sequels of games that are ALREADY popular. Or, they're games that already have a great deal of media attention. Call of duty for example

Overall, it will get a HELL OF ALOT OF SALES. But it MIGHT not make a big dent because alot of quality games are coming out along side uncharted.

And although uncharted is MEGA quality itself, it has to compete with MANY other MEGA quality games.

But hey, the future is always uncertain

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The story is too old to be commented.