Wii 2 Exploring the Possibilities

Everyones talking about the systems graphic capabilities, but no one is talking about the possibilites of the new control scheme. We dig into the possibilites and what it could mean for you.

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rdgneoz33530d ago

Why does this article have Battlefield 3 and the PS3 as tags?

iamnsuperman3530d ago

Well only three people approved the article so the other question is how did this get approved. Where are the mods

OT: The shooter ideas are unlikely to happen to games like COD. Maybe first party but is the third party going to invest the time and effort in making this work when only one of the 3 platforms can play it. Of course not

dubal-e3530d ago

I don't know man, its kinda the advantage of having an exclusive feature or perk. It also may not be that big of a hassle considering the rest of the game would remain virtually the same except for the Wii 2's graphical enhancements.

dragunrising3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Well, I hope the Wii 2/Project Cafe/Stream etc includes 1 GB of RAM or more. It would be horribly misguided of Nintendo to skimp. Additionally I hope the rumor of 8 GB of game storage is wrong or that Nintendo gives us the option to add more via an external device or attachment. 32 GB of expandable SD-HC memory isn't going to cut it especially on account that over 16 GB is still pricey.

Personally I'm most excited about the rumored game streaming ability of the "Wii 2." That would be a game changer in my opinion. No more fighting for the TV. Awesome.

dubal-e3530d ago

yea you are right man, but they could use holographic memory. Its pretty cheap and nintendo has investments in it. I can't wait till E3 to find out if they do.

dubal-e3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

To those upset about the tags the article was set to be revised. I was gonna fix it as someone had sent me a notice about it, but I was at work at the time. When I returned home the story was already approved.

nextgengamer20113529d ago

All tags aside, pretty good article. Some of that stuff I didnt think about. Whats hologaphic memory? I'd love to see a mario at E3 and a GTA or something that would surprise everybody. Doesn't the system do 3d?

dubal-e3528d ago is a link to a quick video about holographic storage mr next-gen, according to sources the system does steroscopic 3d but is not suspose to be a main feature of the system. We will see in a couple weeks. :)

the_best_player3529d ago

I'll get Wii 2 only if some good Resident Evil games will be on it only.

dubal-e3529d ago

That would be nice. Im not sure if it'll happen though after the gamecube exclusives broke. Even though Resident evil sold very well for gamecube, the system didnt have enuff buzz to keep it an exclusive. I bet Capcom would be weary to go into an exclusive deal with Nintendo again. Unless the system sells like hotcakes like the Wii did.

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