Lesson learned for Sony

MCV: The real issue is that this ‘crisis’ represents a rude awakening of issues around personal data storage.

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Christopher2709d ago

Actually, IMHO, the real issue is that people weren't aware of the issues regarding personal data storage. I've been buying things online since the 90s. Much like how I keep track of my credit card info in real life, I also make sure to keep track of it online.

thorstein2709d ago


And I love how this opinion piece states things as if they were fact.

Tony-Red-Grave2709d ago

your pic is what i think when i look at your bubbles :o

LocO_o2709d ago

Question: If by some miracle Mario was to come alive, would he own the Mario Brothers franchise or would Nintendo own him?

Tony-Red-Grave2709d ago

good question but im guessing if mario came alive mario would own the franchise since its based off him and he now has a say on when nintendo can use him and how they use him.

UnbiasedGamer2709d ago

Does anyone know when the PSN store will be back up? Don't want to wait long again...need to redeem some codes I had..and get hold of the free games aswell :D

DigitalHorror812709d ago

I hate that the PS Store is still down. It pisses me off.

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Godmars2902709d ago

Don't offer fringe level features which potentially make your product vulnerable to intrusion causing you to remove it, which in turn upsets a corresponding fringe element who where only looking to commit illegal activities with your product anyway?

steve30x2709d ago

"But now the company is implementing much stronger security for its current games system and probably all other network services it runs."

Its obvious the author of that doesnt know about this http://enthusiast.hardocp.c...

"As reported by the security firm F-Secure today, the official homepage of Sony Thailand is being used to host a phishing site for an Italian credit card company. "Basically this means that Sony has been hacked," writes F-Secure. The other attack is more malicious. About 100,000 yen ($1,225) was stolen from Sony customer accounts in Japan, reports Reuters. An intruder reportedly penetrated Sony's online infrastructure and stole virtual points from account holders. "

Silly gameAr2709d ago

Nothing to do with PSN so stop trying to make that bigger then it really is.

Christopher2709d ago

The site in question is neither owned by Sony or managed by Sony. It's owned and operated by an individual marketing company. Much like how Sony Visa cards are not managed by Sony, only the Sony Rewards Points site is managed by Sony.