Retail cuts Wii to below £100

MCV: GAME, Gamestation and Asda go low with new Mario Kart bundle.

As predicted by MCV, games retail has cut the price of Wii to under £100.

GAME, Gamestation and Asda are the first retailers to stock the new Mario Kart bundle (and the existing Wii Sports Resort bundle) for just £99.99. This applies to both in-store and online.

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tigertron3531d ago

I like the title "BELOW £100", yeah, by a penny. Still, thats a good price for the Wii, wspecually with Mario Kart.

ChickeyCantor3531d ago

113.283756 Euros

eh, thats rather a big drop lol.

TheEatingChampagne3531d ago

Are you all stupid? He was clearly talking about him saying BELOW 100 when it's actually 99.99..

ChickeyCantor3531d ago

99 pounds == 113.28 euros...are you all that stupid?

sack_boi3531d ago

You should be able to get this piece of junk with a Happy Meal; just so you could resell it and by games for PS360 or PC with it.

3531d ago
slavish33531d ago

not a good price for a system that cost $15 in mass production

tigertron3531d ago

Yes but its good compared to what it used to be, because before it was a complete rip off imo.