Gamer's Corner: Gran Turismo 5 - 6 Months After Release Where Is The DLC?

Gamer's Corner asks if the DLC will be in development hell like the core game and then goes on to speculate about it's nature;

"I have a romantic image in my head of the first Gran Turismo 5 themed DLC pack. I'm belting around the Isle of Man TT coastal road (the Snaefell Mountain Course) on my motorbike and side car taking in the sea views - I rear up on two wheels to take a nasty hairpin bend trying to avoid the slate roofed cottage. Of course, an undertaking like this would be a big one for Polyphony's developers, rendering 37 miles of island road would be a mammoth task compared even against the Nurburgring. That's before they'd even started on the premium model bikes and sidecars, nevertheless it's a beautiful dream for some substantial DLC content."

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opoikl3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

As some users stated on GTPlanet, it's likely PD will bring out another GT game (like Spec II, maybe even GT6) on PS3, so they're probably working on new tracks and cars for a new Blu-Ray game and some of those might make it to GT5 as paid DLC.

They built great physics and 200 cars which are going to be current-gen for years to come, so I believe they just have to add more content to the existing package. I'd rather they hurry up and bring us a disc-based game with more tracks and especially events instead of making us pay for a few premiums, as I currently own 450 cars in GT5 but only need 30 or so to beat all the events.

But most of all I'd like them to announce their future plans.

sinncross3530d ago

Polyphony are rumoured at be attending E3.

Now take into account that some tracks are known to be part of the GT5 build but in the game (not talking about the image reveals off the server) + that the 2nd concept of the new Toyota sports car was given a GT5 trailer, one can only assume that more content for GT5 has already been made.

I fully expect PD to come to E3 to announce brand new content (cars, tracks, more SP and MP options, improved graphics etc).

a_bro3530d ago

most likely a spec II expansion.

hiredhelp3528d ago

WOW if that is true they turn up at E3 be soo cool make my summer of gaming even better.

n4gisatroll3530d ago

Ya I wanna know where all the dlc for each store pre order is at...I pre ordered the special edition from gamestop, but I'm missing some of the cars...I'm hooky they release it with another dlc adding more premium cars, or atleast changing some of the cars to premium. My r34 gtr m
Spec is looking great but I can't mod it anymore (racing) because it's not prem.

dorron3530d ago

I'm still waiting for savepoints in endurance races. I have done'em in B-Spec, but no way I'm doing so in A-spec unless saving is available.

marcindpol3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

i think we will get huge dlc pack soon, and i mean very big containing new cars, tracks, events etc..

waltyftm3530d ago

Agreed, It is going to be BIG.

Pyscho_Mantis3530d ago

lol thats the same name I came up with. Sounds awesome!

Ilikegames763528d ago

Lol, wouldn't put that on the title as it sounds like it's the end of the series.

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