The Witcher 2 patch (1.1) to fix crashes, activation issues

TVGB: "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings' first patch, due out next week, has been detailed somewhat by developer CD Projekt; as written yesterday, it will address keymapping and inverting the mouse, but also issues like game crashes, issues with activation, DLC etc. No exact date yet, but expect it "shortly.""

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shayol33t2707d ago

Excellent, finally something to stop the one crash an hour thing for my second playthrough.

Solid_Snake-2707d ago

i aint had a crash or any problem yet and im about 10 hours in. i was just hoping for invert options.

I_find_it_funny2707d ago

too bad I dont have PC for this, I read all the translated books and I like it a lot

pls port to consoles no matter the graphics

kramun2707d ago

Consoles wouldn't even be able to manage this game on the lowest settings. They're have to cut a lot out of the game to make it run on a ps3 or 360.

Therealspy032707d ago

they need to work out the optimizing a little better. lotta ati users reporting inconsistent frame-rate issues. my comp struggled a lot with the intro (causing me to get killed about 20 times). but after that intro sequence with the dragon, things improved.

shayol33t2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

[email protected] for being happy at playing more. Im envious of all you crash-free players, hopefully i'll be able to play without restarting soon!

Apollyn2707d ago

No crashes for me yet wither ;) love this game

RankFTW2707d ago

Oh man can't wait until the 16th of June, get my new GFX card and this woot.

Ranshak2707d ago

No crashes what so ever yet about 8 hours of game time so far.

bozebo2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

No crashes for me, but they have some bugs to fix soon I hope.

I didn't realise people used inverted on PC :O Of course, every game should offer it as an option. I use non-inverted with a mouse and inverted with a thumbstick.

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