Bioware getting bigger

It would be no surprise to anyone that another Dragon Age game is in the pipeline, given the series' large fan base and warm critical reception, but more surprising is that, as well Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware has other projects in the pipeline.

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Kalowest2802d ago

"given the series' large fan base and warm critical reception" DA:O was the shit, DA2 was some SHIT. The ME series is being dumbed down for no good reason. Finally they those to make "Star Wars: The Old Republic" instead of KOTOR3. I don't care about Bioware right, the bigger they get, the more simply their games become.

SLLCKGT2802d ago

Bioware getting bigger... And their games coming out faster.

krazykombatant2802d ago

Yeah this is b.s I haven't bought DA2 because it just didn't seem worth the initial price at launch. So i will wait until the game comes out with all the DLC. When it comes to ME3 however, it seems that BioWare is even more hellbent on making it a shooter and less of an RPG. I will buy ME3 to finish the story. However, as things stand right now I'm loosing tons of faith when it comes to BioWare.

ME1 and Fallout 3 really showed me RPGs. Love them... But when you wander away from that and just add ACTION ACTION ACTION... GUNS GUNS GUNS... PEW PEW PEW...... and not enough rpg elements i feel like i'm playing a game made by Michael Bay. If I wanted that I would play COD non-stop but I don't. Let's see what E3 has in store.

Drazz2802d ago

Bioware measures profit above all else now....