5 Sports you Won't See In Kinect Sports 2

E3 is on the way, and we’re as sure as we can be that Rare will be showing off a sequel to the cracking Kinect Sports. After having covered a lot of the main sporting genres in the first game though, it’s anybody’s guess as to what will show up second time around. Everyone is making predictions, but we’re going the other way and running down a list of five sporting events you most definitely won’t (we hope!) find in Kinect Sports 2.

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rabidpancakeburglar3528d ago ShowReplies(2)
Janitor3528d ago

Kinect Sports is fun as hell, I still play it. I'd play it more but I smoke a pack a day and it wears me out. Definitely getting the sequel, sometimes it's nice to have a game I can play with Mrs. Janitor & the kids. I seriously think most people who hate Kinect haven't even tried it...

KMxRetro3528d ago

I absolutely agree in full, Janitor. Its great too, when folks come over to your house - and they can play it without having to be taught how to :)