Torchlight II Level Design Q&A with Jason Beck and Patrick Blank

Every other week until E3, Runic Games is giving you a glimpse of Torchlight II.

This week, in addition to their insights into the environments of Torchlight II, they have a Level Design Q & A with Art Director Jason Beck and Lead Level Designer Patrick Blank, with questions asked by Runic Forums members.

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chak_3529d ago

I'd really like a date.

Something like july would be great !

Kalowest3529d ago

And can this also be put on XBL.

lastdual3529d ago

I'm pretty sure both XBL and PSN releases are already planned.

Kalowest3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I looked it up, the Platform right now are Microsoft Windows, and Mac OSX at a later date. MS published TorchLight for XBLA, and depending on its sales, they might again. So the chances of TL2 being on PSN are slim.