How Long Before L.A. Noire Hits Fox News?

We all know L.A. Noire (well, most of us do): a dark, blunt look at the corrupt and seedy underbelly of 1940s Los Angeles. We also all know Fox News, who have spoken out (to the chagrin but often humour of gamers) against video games in the past, and it makes me wonder: how long before we see L.A. Noire being unceremoniously trashed as a narcotic more potent to fragile children from the Deep South made from atheists, communists and homosexuals . . . I mean, “discussed”, on Fox News? - TheStonedSheep

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maxcavsm2706d ago

Oh, I imagine we'll see something next week...

rabidpancakeburglar2706d ago

Agreed. I'll be waiting to see an article on n4g about a fox report with some crazy person complaining that their child was driven crazy by a belief that they are a detective in the 1940's and then it will show a kid playing detectives with friends

Lifendz2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Here's how it'll go on the Factor with Oreilly:
"It's a video game, which means it's aimed at our children, and in this game you're constantly scanning the bodies of naked women! Not to mention the gratuitous violence and cursing, this game is yet another instrument of the eventual collapse of our moral society! Now pardon me as I go harass my assistant."

dingledodie772706d ago

I'm really not too fussed. Last year, FOX won a legal case, resulting in them being legally entitled to KNOWINGLY LIE to their audience.

With that in mind, why believe anything they say?

TheStonedSheep2706d ago

Yes, that was awful. And that is a question I would asked to the people who watch this for news not entertainment.

Imp0ssibl32706d ago

I'm surprised they haven't talked about it already! This just means it will be on very soon... :P

Pillville2706d ago

They haven't had time to complain about it since they are all getting ready for Jesus to come get them Saturday.

Come Monday, when we're all still here, they will start complaining.

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