What are your thoughts on LA Noire?

"Rockstar is one of the premiere storytellers in the video game industry. Last year they delivered an epic western tale with Red Dead Redemption. This year they have given us the long delayed but not forgotten Noir crime story LA Noire."

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ShyGuy132800d ago

It is nice to see Rockstar branching out slightly, regardless of the outcome.

TBM2800d ago

i'm absolutely loving this game.

Elimin82800d ago

I'm loving it too.. Loving some of the unique gameplay! & the direction of the plot(s).

nintenflo2800d ago

I bought it yesterday and I was utterly engrossed for about
5 hours straight ( seemed more like 20 minutes )!

Honestly the best £31 I have spent in a long time!

nopunctuation2800d ago

I havent even played this game yet but I knew it would be awesome from the start. Everyone should buy this game.

DevilishSix2800d ago

This is a misconception. The main developers on this game were Team Bondi. Rockstar had a little input, but this isn't a full fledge game of theirs. So lets give credit where credit is due. Excellent job Team Bondi.

TBM2800d ago

exactly i'm afraid people arent giving Team Bondi their due. to me imo they've created a masterpiece here, and this with Heavy Rain to me are the most unique games i've played this gen.

theaceh2800d ago

It's a very interesting game. I'm enjoying the narrative and the character development is simply awesome. The way you play the game (choosing truth,doubt or lie) is going to depend very much on how you perceive people in general. I'm pushing doubt or lie often because I believe that every one is lying or has something to hide, which may not always be the case and I end up getting some questions wrong during each case.

Still, very good & deep game.

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GunShotEddy2800d ago

Now the 360 has FMV garbage too. Pass! Rockstar just punks out junk.

S_C2800d ago

Mate Stop Talking Throught Your Ass.

This game is great, really enjoying it.....its not one of those games you could spend hours and hours on in one go but the time that you do spend playing it for is great fun

tablav2800d ago

Says the guy with the Rock Band avatar. You go play your recycled garbage while we all try something new and different. God forbid people can have opinions of their own.

GLoRyKnoT2800d ago

Fun game! what else matters?

Menech2800d ago

That it doesn't give me aids is a good start.

PirateThom2800d ago

Definitely not for everyone...and I've only started and I can imagine it getting a lot tougher, but an amazing idea, seemingly well executed.

Series_IIa2800d ago

An excellent game exactly what I was hoping for... even better when you turn off the indicators for evidence and try not to use intuition points.

Graphics are not the best especially on the head, the hair seems so flat and blurred on some characters... But they ain't the worse and isn't a gamebreaker by any means and the facial motions makes up for that.

But best of all... you can get some other schmuck to drive you around to your destination.

Max Power2800d ago

Their mouths bother me the most.

No Way2800d ago

I like the fact that your partner can drive you to your destination, however..
I don't like that it skips all the way there. I wish it was like the taxi in GTA4.
Where I could tell my partner to just drive, speed up, and then skip it if I wanna.
Cause, you tell your partner that you needa take a look at your notes, but can't.
That would be a perfect time for a break to go over what you have already found ..

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The story is too old to be commented.