Top Ten Games That SHOULD Be Announced at E3 2011 (But most likely won’t)

With E3 pretty much around the corner the Paranerds look at some games that should be announced.Last year they looked at the Top Ten Games That should Be Announced at E3 2010 (But most likely won’t) and although some were announced (Twisted Metal) others, with time, became announced (Duke Nukem Forever, new Wii, Kingdom Hearts 3DS). So this time they would dive into less recognized games and games that most likely will not be announced. Some return from last years Top Ten list and some are just completely random. Not everyone will agree.

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Dart892706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Legend of Dragoon 2 nuff said oh and a new Soul reaver.

InspectorG2706d ago

not even a second one - cause I dont know it would tie in well unless you use it as a prequel showing the original dragoon warriors. But I would love a remake - create similar system to White Knight Chronicles 2 where you create a character (and dragoon) and take them online to do battle with others :P

Morbius4202705d ago

As much as a heartstopper announcement that would be it's never gonna happen. Too much time has gone by for Shenmue to be relevant anymore. If anything they will have to reboot the series on nextgen consoles and PC.