Chrono Trigger Retro Review

Chances are if you are reading this review you fall into two categories – Someone who has played the game, loved it, and want to see another person’s spin on it; or, you haven’t played it and are curious as to what the hype is all about. Rest assured that Chrono Trigger falls comfortably into the handful of games that can be described as pure perfection. Whether you have managed to find an original copy for the Super Nintendo, or have picked up the DS version, you will not be disappointed by what is seen by most as the best Japanese style RPG to ever grace a video game system.

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DarkBlade46583171d ago

Awesomesauce! Love that I can play this masterpiece again!

gameguru3171d ago

didn't play the original one but i might now :)

lifesanrpg3171d ago

I love this game! Glad it's back!

TheStonedSheep3171d ago

Really, 10/10? I guess . . .

Crystallis3171d ago

This is Chrono Trigger dude. It considered one of he best if not the best RPG's ever made. Anything less then a 10 would be an insult to the game.

Clance3171d ago

WOW a 10/10?? amazing, must try this out...

Peaceful_Jelly3171d ago

If you like RPG and you haven't played Chrono Trigger... I don't even know what to say really. Even most western RPG Devs quote Chrono Trigger as their main inspiration in the creation of their own games. 0_0

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The story is too old to be commented.