Sony hacked again, used to host phishing site

Another successful hack against the company is being reported by security firm F-Secure. A Web server used to host Sony's Thai site has been broken into, and is now being used to host a phishing site that targets customers of an Italian credit card company.

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Chug3535d ago

"Unlike the PSN and SOE break-ins, this hack is not likely to have any serious consequences; it should be restricted to a relatively unimportant Web server that has no access to sensitive customer information"

Move on

Misterhbk3535d ago

But this will get approved and because of the title, people will be trippin ballsz

I_find_it_funny3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

as lame as it gets


gaffyh3534d ago

It's a dupe too, was posted like a day ago.

HolyOrangeCows3534d ago

Arsetechnica users are fapping to this article anyway....check out the comments.

The host was hacked, not Sony. And no one's info is even in jeopardy.

ConanOBrien3533d ago

Yapp..Sony networks still unreliable.

Move on

pixelsword3533d ago

"Sony's Thai site has been broken into, and is now being used to host a phishing site that targets customers of an Italian credit card company"

Good friggin luck phising Italian credit cards of a specific company from a Webiste in Thailand.

That's like going to war in Iraq because of the actions of an idiot who lives in Afganistan.

Wait a minute...

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movements3535d ago

I'm sleepy. Why does the image show PSN when this has nothing to do with it? Sigh.. I'll go back to bed...

nopunctuation3535d ago

Everyone just ignore this article. Nothing to see here. PSN is still up and will not be hacked again.

xAlmostPro3534d ago

The site used to HOST sonys site.. so their hosting provider was hacked..

Journalists really will say anything for hits

VampHuntD3534d ago

Exactly what I was going to say, bubbles for you.

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Silly gameAr3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Ars is really lame. This is just so dumb. Has zero to do with gaming.

reaver3535d ago

Sony's Thai site ? This has NOTHING to do with PSN or gaming.But i guess some people just need to post anything that has Sony and hacking in the same sentence huh ? Even the article itself is saying that it has little to no effect on consumers, so could you please stop posting articles like this.

PostApocalyptic3535d ago

I love the way the title says "Sony hacked again" in order to paint a picture that the main PSN was hacked again. The author, Peter Bright, then post a disclaimer that this has nothing to do with the PSN hack and will not cause much harm because it was just a Thai consumer website.

Reminds me of Fox "News." Yellow journalism.

"END OF THE WORLD...but not really. But I got your attention didn't I?"

Happythedog3534d ago

Fox news was created from Satan.

Resistance_lord3534d ago

And will star in a new movie
"Toy Story 4: The Return of Satan!"
Rated Y for YOU!

montyburns0003534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

i didn't see any mention of PSN in the title. whats your beef? seems like your the one who associates any negative sony news with their shitty network PSN

DeeZee3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

So this got approved despite all the reports, watch it get to 1000 degrees. Kinda sad because it's a little misleading since most people will think PSN got hacked again. I like N4G. but maybe it's time to pay someone to check some of this stuff. I'm not even sure if this can be classified as gaming related.

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