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UnbiasedGamer3531d ago

Lets not forget the first one sucked badly...but the graphics were top notch and people over looked how great it looked. But this one the visuals have are taken to the next level. It could be one of the best looking games if the picture is anything to go by.

dirthurts3531d ago

I highly disagree. It wasn't COD, and it wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. At least it was something different.

kookie3531d ago

Looks very good, like crysis 2.

MatthewMk23531d ago

It is using the same engine. That could be why.

F4sterTh4nFTL3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

...looking game of all-time. That would be major shocker for the Big FPS developers that a poor Polish developer puts their games to shame. Looks like Poland is on a role in terms of Graphics Tech, First The Witcher 2 destroys any game on the planet with both its Brilliant Artistic and Technically superior graphics. And now this might turn out amazing if they fully utilize the CryEngine 3 in a Beautiful Island Jungle kind of environment just like Crysis 1 did back in 2007, which to this day is still the best looking game and even better when modded.

Johandevries3531d ago

Dont forget Techland's engines

yamzilla3531d ago

first one was kool....looked nice on pc and was unique

i liked it, with a bigger budget and more diverse multi...could be an awesome title

yamzilla3531d ago

first one is on sale today only on steam for $5, pick it's really fun and different.

dirthurts3531d ago

Agreed. Killer game especially for the price. It's not perfect but take it for what it is and you'll enjoy it.