“No plans” for Starhawk on PSP

TVGB: "We noticed one more blurb of interest among Lighbox president Dylan Jobe’s recent fan responses on the PlayStation Blog. It’s a bit of a downer for lovers of shooting things on the go though."

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nopunctuation2761d ago

Ah but what about NGP? That would be sick.

TOO PAWNED2761d ago

no it wouldn't. Make handheld games for NGP, not console ports. That was the problem with PSP.

SoapShoes2760d ago

But not a problem with Nintendo? GBA, DS, 3DS all have ports. Heck the major killer app for the DS when it launched was a console port from the N64....

Anarki2760d ago

People are so closed minded these days.

GodofSackboy2760d ago

NGP/PS3 Starhawk cross-platform play... Oh my...

nopunctuation2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It was a problem with PSP because it lacked a right analog stick thus making every ps2 to psp game inferior. That problem has been solved here and I expect a lot of ports to come to NGP because of it.

wohoo2760d ago

Just think, you could tickle Emmet's feet.

Speakindatruth2759d ago

I think Starhawk would be great on the NGP--as with many console ports. Hell, anything runs great with a good gpu and a resolution lower than 1024x768.