Are PS4 and Xbox 720 necessary in 2012? We know that E3 2011 is going to be a huge deal this year, but how big would it be if there was an announcement by Microsoft regarding the Xbox 720? Now we know that this is a bit of a stretch, but why else would they be giving away free Xbox 360 units? Thankfully Alan Ng has a greater insight into this; but this makes us wonder is the PS4 and Xbox 720 necessary in 2012?
We touched on this subject a little before, and for the most part it seems that a next-gen console is not needed. Developers are more than happy with the hardware that is available to them at this moment in time. Not only that, the latest in TV technology is helping to improve the gaming experience without the need for a next-generation console.

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DarkCharizard_3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

We need a new Xbox in 2012 and new Playstation in 2013.

nopunctuation3529d ago

Xbox 360 used up its potential a while ago and needs a new console. Ps3 hasnt even come close to its potential because only one game (MGS4) has used a Dual layer blu ray disc. Sony could keep ps3 going for a long time because of this. Nintendo needed a new console in 2008.

mandf3529d ago

Killzone 3 and Lbp2 used a dual layer disc. Not sure but I think FF13 used it too.

CoD5113529d ago

Err, what does disc storage space have to do with hardware power? Blu-ray has a slow read speed as well which also limits it's use with games, no?

thehitman3529d ago


blu-ray isnt slow it just reads the same across the entire disc which equates to the same from a DvD where it reads at different speeds throughout the disc.

Also your storage medium for a console is very important when considering hardware power because an artist is limited by his canvass.

AAACE53529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

@nopunctuation... If you're going to make a claim, at least have some idea what you're talking about!

To add on to mandf's comment, God of War 3 used about 40 Gb's of the dual layered bluray!

Space is becoming a problem especially for the 360. But that extra Gb could help for a short time.

Like it or not, we are just now starting to get games released on a regular basis, so it isn't really the right time to push a new console.

But then again, I still think MS will have something console related to announce at E3!

colonel1793529d ago

Sony will definitely have bluray for the PS4. But it would be better if the games came actually in some kind of a flash drive (like the NGP). I think it would be faster and the capacity can be more than Blu ray. I am not a tech geek, so I wouldn't know much, but i've read it would be better.

nopunctuation3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

"Also your storage medium for a console is very important when considering hardware power because an artist is limited by his canvass."
At least someone here gets it. Ok there may be a few more games than I thought that use DL blu ray but that is still a VAST minority of ps3 games. You think PS3 games are huge now? Think of what they could be. Blu ray isnt limited to 2 layers. It can have many many more. Think of a game with 100gb of space to work with and you will see that PS3's potential has hardly been touched yet and therefore is the only console that can say it doesnt need a new console yet. 360 was built for instant use of its hardware so games looked good at first but gradually came into second place with ps3 graphics wise. I wouldnt be surprised if they were working on "720" right now. MS said they wanted to be first this generation so we could see a new 360 by december 2012. Wii I dont even have to explain. It was oudated from the start and even hardcore nintendo fansare getting sick of the lack of graphics and online play. It needs a new console NOW.

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mandf3529d ago

These websites need to realize how many companies went out of business this gen. It costs between 30 to 60 million to create a game engine. Making to 2 games at 2 to 3 years a piece to develope will not recover costs of making it. If you disagree, you need to realize each gen hardware can only utilize and optimize a last gen game engine so much. This gen was very expensive for developers. Most of them can't even make a game run at 720p and a solid 30fps this gen. I would hope they could master this gen before trying new hardware.

nopunctuation3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Great point. I wish games didnt take so long to make but that is the price of higher graphics and physics I guess (which yes are very necessary for modern games weather you want to admit it or not). When you thinf about it, it has crippled a lot of series of games. GTA released 3 games last gen and only one this generation. That shows how much longer it takes to make a game. FF released 4 games last gen. Only one so far for this one. But it is something we will have to get used to. With games getting bigger, they will take longer to make and devs will have to put more into them to keep them fresh. The good thing that comes out of it is that devs will have to put everything into a game to ensure its good instead of gimping it over 3 sequels.

tplarkin73529d ago

Customers don't care about the technical details. The games are getting stale. We need innovation which requires new hardware.

rabidpancakeburglar3529d ago

No, neither the new playstation or xbox will be necessary before 2013 or 14

richierich3529d ago

I doubt that we will see the PS4 in 2012 but a nextgen Xbox probably

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