LA Noire Traffic Cases Perfected Video Guide

Looking to go back and perfect each case to earn 100% completion? Check out this series of videos along with the rest of the guide to find out how. There are NO SPOILERS in these videos because all cutscenes have been removed, leaving only the clues and interrogations.

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FAGOL2708d ago

Very helpful. I already completed these cases, now I just need to 5 star them.

KwietStorm2708d ago

It's my understanding that you can go back and access any cases you've done, through the case desk or something? Do you have to do these during the story, or can you continue to play after completing the story cases?

xPhearR3dx2708d ago

The game always continues until the end. If you want to replay cases or free roam, you need to go to the main menu and select "Cases". From there you choose a desk and the case, or select "Streets of L.A" at the bottom to free roam.

LoneWanderer092707d ago

I already completed the game with most 5 star cases. I just need to replay some of the ones that i got 4 stars