Some Perspective on the PSN Freebies Row

Many people seem to be quite angry with the compensation package offered by Sony as part of their apology to the PlayStation community. TGR look at the possible angles that Sony could have taken...

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BigDan803531d ago

still not sure about the games offered but you're right, could of been a lot worse. decent article.

darthv723530d ago

if you have both a psp and ps3 then you score 4 games total.

for those that already have the physical copies of the games the ones you want and trade in the physical ones for something else at gamestop.

PoisonedMonkey3530d ago

Good call, don't think people have thought much about trading existing copies. Wouldn't be worth much but it's a few quid towards a new game...

Brewski0073530d ago

Give people a good thing and theres bound to be people who want more. Give people good games for free and theres bound to be people who want different games.
Sony are doing a good job in my opinion. And im hoping they're praised rather than villified for this.

sammykiernan3531d ago

Not sure why people are moaning, doesn't cost anything to ignore a freebie...

Kris2k03531d ago

Exactly. Nobody is forcing anyone to download the games

Kris2k03531d ago

Burnout would've been nice but the article is right, we could have ended up with nothing or a subscription based service.

MasterCornholio3530d ago

Which is one of the reasons why i bought a PS3. Because i dont want to pay for something that should be free and that something is multi-player

Just my opinion don't fret about it.

Dart893531d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Umm can i just say something to all those whiners out there??Just shut the hell up and take them there free for crying out loud,what more do you want a million dollars and a night at the Playboy mansion??

@Below basically Sony could have said PSN is back up and running and we thank you for waiting on us to get it restored and we don't owe you anything,some people expect to much now a days plus we get PS+ and other goodies so just be grateful Sony is doing this it's not like they're gonna put a gun to you're head and say take it or else.

PoisonedMonkey3530d ago

Pretty much how the article finishes, just in slightly fewer words ;)

BigDan803530d ago

a night at the mansion would be nice but they'd have to arrange some sort of booking system. can't see everyone getting in on the same night.

CtrlAltDeath3530d ago

@Dart89 I agree, WE should get what all the xbots got when XBL went down for 2 weeks xmas of 2008!.........oh wait...they didnt get SH!T.Stop whining people!

jay23530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Sony could have really done one VERY SIMPLE thing to please everyone, Give us, say, £40 in the virtual wallet to spend on WHAT WE WANT!

Bell Boy3530d ago

yeah right and then have to pay 3rd party studios for the games purchased...

never go to your boss with such an idea you'll be fired for trying to bankrupt the company

CtrlAltDeath3530d ago

how bout if we just get the ps3 back...with no more problems? I think that sounds good.

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