Negating the Premise, Episode 6: The Dermot Show

"Chairing this episode are Tristan, Dermot and dingledodie77.

In this offbeat episode, Dermot compares the serious hardcore gamer’s game of Serious Sam HD to the light hearted Brink, Dermot talks AT GREAT LENGTH about innovation in games, and dingledodie reveals how Modern Warfare 3 compares to the Police Academy movies." - dingledodie77

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Clance3531d ago

need a new games pod to listen to... maybe this could be it...

TheStonedSheep3531d ago

It's new but they put out some really good stuff, I'd recommend it.

maxcavsm3531d ago

Not too shabby, love listening to you guys crack each other up.

dingledodie773531d ago

If you think I swear like a sailor usually, then I'd love to hear how you'd describe Dermot this episode.