L.A. Noire Is Too Hot to Handle, Literally

Sony can't seem to get a break. First, the Playstation Network goes down. Now, they face accusations that L.A. Noire is causing their consoles to overheat. But is that really the case?

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Clance2706d ago

can't wait to handle this baby though, hot potato or not...

FragGen2706d ago

+1. I seriously doubt there's a serious risk of hardware damage from anything the software is doing. The CPU is the primary heat generator and it'll only go as fast and hard as the system allows it to run. The game could make the disk thrash but I doubt that'd be enough to overheat a console. This is just silliness.

Istanbull2706d ago

Its annoying when we get articles from no name websites who still bash Sony eventough Rockstar and Sony said its happening on the 360 too.

So why cant Sony get a break? Becoz idiots like these websites create controversy and lies.

JohnnyMann4202706d ago

I can report playing this game for multiple hours with zero issues.

I have a slim, fyi.

Just wanted to let gamers know.

jc485732706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

same here, but i can't say it's the same for launch consoles.

look, launch consoles are old, so it must've picked up 5 years of dust inside already. the cheap thermal past must've dried up.

80% chance your launch console will start to fail on you.

Enough with the BC hugging. Just let it go and get a damn PS2.

if you are "beginning" to experience some problems with the fat ps3 like constant loud noises coming from the fan, then you should seriously say goodbye to your fat console asap and trade it in for a new slim.

Sony knows this problem but it's like that for almost every darn electronic (I trade in my fat ps2 for a ps2 slim). It sounds silly if you continue to keep your fat ps3 just for the BC.

mandf2706d ago

Another great piece of crap article. Journalists need to start checking facts before they write an article. PS3 and 360 have had minimal reporting from users on the problem. Too leave out a specific system that is involved to is poor journalism. These smear articles have got to stop. Journalists need start reporting on games and game design. For those that didn't read or visit their site, it's not a PS3 centric website and therefore intentionally left out the problems on the 360 version. If you are going to write an article about video games check your facts in a fair and unbiased manner.

iHEARTboobs2706d ago

We should stop calling these people journalists. I'm sure it's insulting to real journalists out there that do real work.

Silly Mammo2706d ago

Most of these people are bloggers which means it's someone with a computer and an agenda.

iHEARTboobs2706d ago


"Bloggers" sounds good to me.

MWong2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

That's not my problem with the article, because lower in the article they point out that both PS3 & 360 consoles (slim & bulky) are also being affected. The problem is the overall tone of the article, they are trying to make it sound like it's a PS3 issue only. When it's a RockStar issue.

jrisner2706d ago

douche article....all the idiots cant wait to put sony down these days.

Shazz2706d ago

ive played over 16 hours and not had a single freeze or problem so far , ps3 250gb slim

Mikey Mike2706d ago

I had one freeze, yet I have an occasional lock up in any game I have played since the NES days.

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The story is too old to be commented.