Sony: There is No Overheating Issue With LA Noire

Sony Europe have commented further that reports of LA Noire causing PS3s to overheat is nonsense after users continue to complain.

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IronFist2706d ago

I agree, I don't have any problems with it. It sorta frameskips a little at times, but that is normal for any game.

fluffydelusions2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Same here...80gb problems so far. Been playing constantly since Tuesday.

Pixel_Enemy2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I have had my PS3 fan go nuts while playing L.A.Noire one time but I didn't think much of it because it happens to me from time to time.

Sounds like a jet engine and it scares the hell out of me. I have a launch 40 GB.

thong_pounder2706d ago

someone most of been playing la noire for start 12-20 hours and blamed it on the game and the firmware. You know there are games that some people just can't put it down

Biggest2706d ago


darthv722706d ago

to clean the dust out of the inside of the ps3? Dust can settle on the fan even with it spinning and the accumulation on the inside of the system can build up heat. You can keep the outside clean but think about the intake the ps3 has to keep the inside cool. It pulls in air from many sides and there are particles in the air.

Get a can of air and blow the sucker out once a week and no overheating issues. The same applies to the 360 and wii and even a really good gaming pc. Dust is a culprit for many overheating problems.

This may not be the case for all but it certainly adds to the life of your system to keep it clean on the inside...not just the outside.

As for blaming a game...if the game were really pushing the hardware to its melting point then it would be an exclusive. lol

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nopunctuation2706d ago

This is just like when I updated my ps3 the last 100 times and it bricked everytime because the internet said so.

StanSmith2706d ago

Same here. No issues on my 120gb slim or my friends xbox 360 slim. I think that this is just a coincidence that some of the older consoles just happen to be breaking down. Afterall, if this was an issue with the game or firmwares, then wouldn't this be happening to everyone's consoles.

user8586212706d ago

Just because you dont have YLOD does that mean nobody else does?

StanSmith2706d ago

I've had YLOD twice with my old 60gb consoles. I got so fed up i traded it in when the slim released. I've had no issues since.

This is only affecting older models on both consoles. On one side you have those prone to RROD. The other are those prone to YLOD. It's as simple as that. The slims are the only reliable consoles now.

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Zir02706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Considering they lied about the 360 version crashing I would take this with a grain of salt.

Sony obviously wants to claw back some of its reputation even if it means lying, which is
very sad.


This says otherwise:


Rockstar is saying neither console is doing it but what is strange is Sony went out of their way to accuse the 360 of breaking too.

Nitrowolf22706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

who lied about it? Sony?
Rockstar themselves confirmed it that both versions are experiencing issues. It's even on their forums with multple users reporting for both versions.
Rockstar even concluded that both system are over heating because they are older model for both PS3 and 360 (those are the ones being reported)

Edited: @ Above

"Rockstar is saying neither console is doing it "

um yes they are, it's even says in that link you supplied, otherwise they wouldn't go so far and say that that some 360 owners are reporting it and then release a troubleshooting page for both.

idk bout you but freezing it pretty much the same thing if your stuck at the screen and are force to reset.

dude_meister2706d ago

I personally think its just FUD that people are spreading. One console probably overheated because it was already on it's way out, and then a whole bunch of fanboys probably jumped on the bandwagon.

RedDevils2706d ago

Lol I just completed the game in 17hr and I have no Overheating problem, maybe these people got nothing to do other than make bullshit up to fill their day

mopground2706d ago

why would we bother makin up bs instead of actually playing the game?

Zydake2706d ago

There isn't i left my ps3 on with my L.A. Noire disc in for like about 7 hours came back and played an additional 2 hours. 9 hours and no freeze..

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