TGV: Lady Gaga plays a love game with Rock Band 3 next week

You hear that? That’s the sound of everyone going NUTS for more Lady Gaga DLC, because you’re getting hit with a three-pack, including the new hit single “Born This Way.” Not only that, you’ll also be getting two tracks from British-American classic rock band Foreigner as singles, each with PRO Upgrades available for Guitar and Bass.

Still not enough?! You’re also getting two PRO Upgrades for two legacy tracks from Alice in Chains and The White Stripes. All this is coming to your home console on May 23rd!

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Karuto3528d ago

My throat just started percolating.

Sidology3528d ago

Aren't you a lucky boy that I'll have the Gaga and Foreigner tracks at E3 for us to play?

BLACKBOIJONES3527d ago ShowReplies(5)
squallheart3527d ago

ugh i rather they put hall and oats. What is it with all these horrible artists coming out. Music industry is dying or is dead. I hope this doesnt sell well or we will get more of this crap....

creamsoda3527d ago

lady big nose needs to stop making music.

mrmancs3527d ago

Babylonian devil slut , cant stand her.So glad im not into dis game now , teaching children to be weird and slutty(lady man gal , not the game).gtf lady man gal!

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