Rockstar Games Statement on the Xbox 360

"Yesterday, Rockstar released a joint statement on the PS3 issues regarding LA Noire. Now, Rockstar have released a statement regarding the Xbox 360 version of LA Noire"

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cliffbo2712d ago

why is the title of this article not "there are no issues with L.A. Noire on consoles"

then you would not have to read the article.

AtomicGerbil2712d ago

Are the gaming journalists still riding this train?

Chewy1022712d ago

It may be bad timing but My PS3 is now almost useless after playing LA Noire. Some how it can no longer play any games (disc or download) play movies or even use Netflix. They all either crash at a black screen or fail right out and boot me to the XMB.

Believe me or not. All I know is that my PS3 has problems after playing this game.