Clive Barker's Jericho Review: 7/10 for an Amazing & Gross Game

Jericho isn't a groundbreaking shooter, but what it does, it does really well. Sadly, there's no online content here, just a slew of production art to unlock by completing skill tests in the game - making for a sound FPS that will have horror geeks gagging for more and shooter fans reaching for the sick bag.

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MK_Red4014d ago

With EGM's 5 and GR's 7, I'm really worried about this game. It has blood and gore though and that's enough to warrant a 9/10 from me ;)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4014d ago


I was looking foward to this game. I Enjoyed the demo but ratings are going low for it.

Maybe I should buy EoJ...I 'm also worried about PES2008 I think I won't buy any football game this year. I'll burn money on COD4 and Assassin's Creed

MK_Red4014d ago

Don't change your mind about a game based on some reviews! This game is awesome and they might have disliked it because of it's gore and grossness.

achira4014d ago

wow, some ppl are weak. you like the demo, but you will not buy it because it gets not the best reviews? have you your own opinion, or do you hear always to the others? my god.

RadientFlux4014d ago

Will make a great game to play this upcoming weekend and will get me in the mood for Halloween

MK_Red4014d ago

Superb point. This will be the best game for holloween. Playing Jericho and going to watch Saw 4 :)

razer4014d ago

but after playing the demo and seeing those weak looking graphics and it's tired dungeon crawling FPS formula I have moved on.

Captain Tuttle4014d ago

The demo was surprises here.