How Perfect Should A.I. In Games Behave?

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"I've been thinking what "perfect AI" could mean in games. I started thinking AI in terms of "how naturally it behaves compared to what humans would do". I started thinking that there would be one crucial element that AI would need to have: the ability to make mistakes.

Making mistakes is natural to humans, but I believe making accidental mistakes isn't typical to computer AI. When computers make mistakes in games, they are more often because of "lack of better move" rather than "humanly mistake". Computer opponents in games are programmed to do wise moves, not to make mistakes.

So how would perfect AI play? I believe it would be a really tough opponent, but sometimes it could make small (even stupid) mistakes. Perhaps in FPS game the computer could make a stupid jump and end up in a lake (instead of the other side of the broken bridge). Or perhaps the computer could accidentally build wrong type structures in his base, and would need to re-build some of them. Or perhaps the computer could forget to heal some unit."

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Salvadore4016d ago

A game with a perfect A.I. that makes a lot of mistakes would probably be difficult to pull off.

lynx1halo4016d ago

this guy really does bring up good points....and can you imagine an AI that thought he had you pinned down..and you flanked him....and the AI looked surprised and shocked????? and Semi panicked...fumbling to shoot you first??? oh to dream

Charlie26884016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Probably the BEST AI I have EVER seen was the one from FEAR the AI manages to outsmart you EVERY single time you think you have the situation under control, I learn in a VERY painful way that you shouldn't treat this AI as you average cuz it was capable of doing things I have only seen in skilled multiplayer players

And as far ive seen they upgraded the AI with new routines for the new FEAR expansion

Quickstrike4016d ago

A) Adapt to the situation
B) Use sniping points as sniping points
C) Learn from its mistakes
D) Defeat is not an option it should consider

Covenant4016d ago

"How Perfect Should A.I. In Games Behave?"

Well, better than the Marine AI in Halo 3. I swear, they've killed me more often than the Covenant.

Quickstrike and lynx1halo have it right: AI should quickly adapt, act impulsively, and learn on the fly. That should apply to both friends and enemies.

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