PSN and the Online Pass: What have we learned?

VGW: The recent Playstation outage has hopefully taught developers and publishers an important lesson in regard to the "Online Pass" movement.

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hazelamy3531d ago

exactly, greed is their main motivation, do they care we can't play the games we paid for?

maybe some of the developers do, but the publishers couldn't give a stuff.

Wardog13683530d ago

Guess what they do care, they care alot. Why? you wouldn't buy any new games and if it was on psn only you couldn't buy them at all even if you wanted. Trust me they cared.

hazelamy3530d ago

they care about money, that's all.
they see us as a resource to be exploited, nothing more.

Crazyglues3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Don't hold your breathe waiting for developers to learn anything from this... instead expect the Online Pass movement to be in full swing...

Big companies will only care if you stop buying games with Online passes, and since consumers sure as hell won't stop buying games...

Expect nothing to change and not a dam thing to be learned from the whole downtime..


mandf3531d ago

I'm all for helping developers make money but online pass is a cheap tactic way to make money. I don't always agree with dlc and prices but at least you get something. The online pass is a slap in the face to gamers. Another cheap tactic used by Capcom is selling games that blocks access to playing them when a network is down. I bought and own that game. What happens at the end of this gen or a hardware company goes out of business? Do we never get to play those games again? I bought them there mine. Capcom uses this practice so I will never pay full price for there games again. Cheap tactics!!

chase1673531d ago

im fine with Online Pass
buy the game and no worries

Quagmire3530d ago

You cant play online if you rented it, borrowed it, or even if you want to use it for a different account ON THE SAME BLOODY MACHINE

its also harder to sell too as the buyer would take into account they would need to spend another $20 in order to play the second hand game online.

Hate Online least with DLC we had a choice...

Redempteur3531d ago

nothing , dirt 3 has an online pass .. nothing changed ..

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