Feature: Is L.A Noire for you? What type of game is it really?

LA Noire is out and getting great reviews, but it seems like a lot of people are confused about what type of game LA Noire really is. Just because it comes from Rockstar, it doesn’t mean that it’s this year’s Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption.

In fact, LA Noire is quite the opposite. Is it the type of game you will enjoy?

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WobblyOnion2707d ago

That CAD comic is hilarious, and perfectly sums up some people's confusion about the game. This is not GTA, its very from from it.

Elwenil2707d ago

Agreed. A bunch of my friends that are into games but don't follow the news immediately assumed it would be a GTS style game. When I told them "you are a good guy, a cop" they still wanted to know if you can just ride around and shoot people, lol. I think it's pretty clear that Rockstar is trying to branch out a bit more into developing and producing games that are more emotionally story driven and thought provoking rather than the same old "You can beat a hooker with a bat!" mentality. I for one am happy with the changes so far but there will always be that group of gamers that want nothing more than shallow stories with lots of crap blowing up.

Gamer_Z2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

People don’t like to think these days, sad but true

jriquelme_paraguay2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

even Red Dead Redemption is not GTA
cant wait to play this

pantsula2707d ago

Got me doubly interested in picking this up now. Damn finances...

Ognipode2707d ago

I can just see people putting the game in and screaming "WHERE ARE ALL THE HOOKERS!!!!"

gillri2707d ago

its only ever been an investigation game set in an open world

thats all its ever been marketed as, remember the narration over the first gameplay trailers? you cant get any more explanatory

if people see this game and thinks GTA or RDR set in 30's LA than thast their problem

Pillville2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I agree with the article. To me, it's like a full sized Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game. And that's a good thing.

Figboy2707d ago

It's a double-edged sword that Team Bondi was being pimped by Rockstar and not Sony (the original publisher).

Rockstar games come with a certain level of expectation, especially when the game is also open world (not sandbox).

If Sony had been the publisher, I doubt there'd have been as much confusion over what the game actually is.

I'm a few hours into the game, and just finished my second case last night, and I'm loving it. I went in expecting an adventure game set in an open world.

It's not "GTA - 1947," like I'm sure many were expecting. The meat of the game is truly investigation. The crime scene and the interrogation. THAT'S the game.

The open world aspect is to add some depth to the environment, instead of setpiece after setpiece.

Have you ever played a game that had a really excellent backdrop that you WISHED you could explore, but couldn't? Like, say, Olympus in God of War 3?

LA Noire, is a linear game, but it allows you to scratch that exploration itch.

For those gamers that don't want to bother with the open world aspect, and get a 100% linear experience, they can do that too (since you can just let your partner auto-transport your selected destination by holding down the Triangle/Y button).

I'm loving the atmosphere, and getting a kick out of seeing how my city of birth was back in the 40's.

Ognipode2707d ago

I've always been so jealous of you Americans that get to see your cities in movies and games, especially when they get attacked by Aliens or you see how they used to look.

Well, being a South African... at least we got District 9, but that didn't do too much for Johannesburg's image LOL.

Figboy2707d ago

lol. That's true.

I was born in LA, but grew up in Wisconsin, then moved back to LA 13 years ago.

It definitely is a kick to see so many movies/tv shows in LA, and be like, "Hey, I KNOW where that place is!" It does kind of break the illusion, though. lol.

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