Our Five Hopes for Silent Hill: Downpour

John from NAGF writes: "Anyone who knows me will know what a huge Silent Hill nut I am. Also, anyone who knows me will know how upset I am at the series’ decline after Silent Hill 3. Well, I didn’t mind Silent Hill 4: The Room too much – but I only finished it once. It didn’t have anything like the hook the first three entries did.

"The worst entry so far? Homecoming. I only got to the sewers after the police station and completely lost interest. How could such an excellent title and franchise be treated so shabbily after such a strong early reception? Konami dropped the ball and outsourced it to the west, that’s how. So now comes another entry in Downpour, but I’ve been burned before. I can’t commit to it and generate excitement. I won’t buy it until it’s price is below the £20 mark. Unless Vatra Games can guarantee the following five things…"

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