New Xbox Live Indie Games for week ending May 20, 2011

indiePub has published its weekly list of new and notable Xbox Live indie games.

From the article:

"Best best this week look to be tilty puzzler Mr. Gravity, multiplayer plane game Paper Craft, adorable flying bee-pig shooter bumblepig, side-scrolling fighter Sky Ninja War, save-the-center shooter Nucleon and the Minesweeper-style puzzle game called Bomb Locker."

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IQUITN4G3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

The channel nobody takes very seriously due to 99% of it being dire.Wake up MS and promote better the really good amongst all this. MS and the community should also come together a bit more on the idea that truly pointless worthless trash software shouldn't pass review .xbla in fairness also has it's fair share of forgettable duffers released regularly

Some great stuff on here - i own around 10 Indie games - but the better of games stand less of a chance thanks to most of the other sh!te.No different i guess than how the Wii struggles this way but it's actually worse on xbox indie

If you can be bothered to research for games of worth on indie then you will eventually find genuinely excellent ones here, but lets be honest, most dickheads using xbox don't even know about xbla, let alone the indie channel

And to think it really could have been the Youtube of games this way

Both the fault of community for making 99% of the bollocks and a failure from MS that allows too much easy access to so called game designers that release these abominations. Talent in the form of those that know the art of programming thrown away on useless trashy games that waste everybodies time

That said, if you don't ever visit the indie channel every so often, you will genuinely miss out on the occasional gem here

Also worth noting that Dragon Forge is 100% not worth any of your money.My personal opinion of course but unless the full game offers precisely 100,000 times more fun than i had from the trial, i can't see it.Excellent graphics though on your dragon