Master Chief in Super Smash Bros? Imagine the multiformat melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee sold millions on GameCube, the most popular title to ever hit the console. Smash Bros Wii, even by the most conservative of estimates, is expected to sell no less than nine billion copies in its launch week. Are Microsoft and Sony missing a trick by not developing their own loved-up first-party fan-service mash-up scrapper?

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

they will ruin the game. This game is why I am buying a Wii

Some of them will be funny though.

Hades13374014d ago

I dont think that Sony and Microsoft would have a big enough roster. Here are all the characters that I can think of:

Sony: Kratos, Ratchet (& Clank), Jak (& Daxter), Nariko, Guy from 'Infamous', SackBoy, Nathan Drake.

Microsoft: Master Chief, Banjo (& Kazooie), Marcus Fenix, Joanna Dark, Commander Shepard.

DeadIIIRed4013d ago

Sony Brawlers:
Final Fantasy VII Cast (Cloud and Sephiroth), Laura Croft, Crash Bandicoot, Solid Snake, Resident Evil Cast (Maybe not since Capcom is acting stupid lately), PaRappa, Spyro, Gabriel Logan, Calypso and Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Spiderman, guy from GTAIII, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Dante (Capcom again), Socom Navy Seals, Characters from Silent Hill, Kratos, Mark Hammond (The Getaway), Nathan Hale (RFOM), maybe Tony Hawk, Apes from Ape Escape, Tenchu, Parasite Eve Characters, Green and Tan Army Men, James Bond (possibly), One of the characters from the first Guitar Hero (maybe), Ico, Sly Cooper, Characters from Psychonauts, Characters from Red Faction, Rygar, Red( Red Dead Revolver and yes it inspired my tag name), Nariko, and hell, throw in John Madden's fat a** (jp).

God the list goes on and on. More so than Nintendo in some respects. I would love for all three companies (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) to come together and make a System Brawler. Master Chief doing a B-X-B on Mario while Sephiroth drops from above to impale both of them.

ShadoWulf4013d ago

You can't just throw on characters that have appeared on a Sony system. Super Smash brawlers are Nintendo exclusives, save these new ones like Sonic and Snake. In Melee and the original, they were all Nintendo-Developed characters.

That means, no Tony Hawk (wtf?) and no James Bond, plus a few more in there I saw. Sony can't just reach out and grab them away from other consoles to claim them as their own. That also means no 3rd party-developed characters. That's just the way Super Smash works.

Console Brawl would be fun, though. I'd love to beat up MC with Samus.

DeadIIIRed4012d ago

Ok I got a little ahead of myself, but that doesn't mean Sony couldn't negotiate for the rights. I also thought Sony owned the James Bond rights, or is that just for the movies?

Relientk774014d ago

"is expected to sell no less than nine billion copies in its launch week"

??? dont they mean 9 million copies?

"Halo 3 sold 3.83 million copies worldwide in just 5 days"

am I missing something here? .... how is it gonna sell 9 billion/million copies in a week? ... im confused

Jdash244013d ago

considering theres only about 6 billion people in the world

jackdoe4013d ago

That is a pretty funny typo.

Proxy4013d ago

I wonder which character will be allowed to ring the closing bell?

PS360WII4014d ago

That was a joke Relientk77. They meant 9 billion.

I kind of liked the Sony line up was pretty funny all together. If this version(SSBB) does do great I think all the companies should shake hands and make nice for this one game and just make Smash Bros. a neutral ground where all the greats of each console get to beat each other up. Heh that'd be cool but just a pipe dream.

DeckUKold4013d ago

they have to many realistic looking characters i only see blinx and ryu hayabusa

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