Dirt 3 confirmed to use online pass writes "DiRT 3, which goes on sale on Tuesday May 24, requires an online pass for online functionality. All new retail copies of the game include a redeemable VIP code, while second-hand buyers will have to purchase the code.

Once redeemed players can access online multiplayer functionality and the game's YouTube upload service, allowing you to share videos with the world."

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BiggCMan2800d ago

This shit is stupid. I can't play Mortal Kombat online because of this online pass thing. The Store is still down, so I cannot enter the code. I understand this is not the developers fault, but in a small way it is. Dirt 3 players won't be able to play online either until the store is up, you know how many people are gonna be pissed. They need to stop with this online pass bullshit. If not, then at least find a way to enter the code through the game itself, and not the PSN. There has to be a way.

MGRogue20172800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Do you own both consoles..? Buy the Xbox 360 version, Problem solved.

If not, then yeah, your pretty much screwed.. at least until the PSN is 100% back up & running.

BiggCMan2800d ago

You can't tell me which console to buy my games on. I buy all multiplatform games on PS3 because I've had it longer, and try to build my trophy level higher. I use my Xbox 360 for exclusives only because I got it in September when Reach came out. I have less friends on it, less gamerscore etc.. If your happy with the online pass, then by all means, be happy. I believe it is ridiculous, even if the PSN was up and running. Its a huge annoyance to people who mainly buy used, they want a game cheaper, then they find out they need to pay more once they get home.

felonycarclub2800d ago

the only way to stop is for companies to pay royalties on used games to the companies

BiggCMan2800d ago

This is a good idea, but i'm not sure it will happen.

Quagmire2800d ago

What happened to the good ol' days of in-game Advertising...