PSN “Welcome Back” overview – store credit request is silly As many of you already know the PlayStation Network came under attack which caused the service to be down for 24 days. However, Sony has put together a “Welcome Back Program” to apologize for the inconvenience PS3 owners have suffered through this ordeal.

Many have drawn parallels of the PSN outage to that of the Xbox Live outage back a few years ago which lasted 15 days. There is also a data breach involved but It appears that the hackers were only able to make off with some of the personal data that’s really available publically. Also, it seems that the initial fears of credit card data being stolen was overkill as both Visa and MasterCard have now backed up Sony’s assertion that there is no evidence this data was compromised.

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tehpees33535d ago

Sony have tried their best to please as many as possible. people were obviously going to have owned some games there

MrBeatdown3535d ago

I think they've done a good job, but I wouldn't say they have done their best. I would never ask or expect something like store credit, or a choice of any game... basically anything that would have a serious financial impact on them.

But I do think they could have expanded the options a bit more just to further decrease the chance of someone owning all the games. For example, MAG or Warhawk, both of which are published and developed by Sony owned studios, or maybe even something just as simple as an avatar pack or dynamic theme, just so some people get something, no matter how minor.

On top of that, it would give those games offered a major community boost, adding more value to the game for those who own it or would buy it in the future.

soljah3535d ago

yes pleasing customers is very important. but going forward sony should do the following

Sony needs to send a olive branch of sorts out to the hacker community. without looking like there are giving in. Sony should find a way for ps3 owners who have the older ps3 to register and re download other OS onto their machines. at this point don't think other OS could do any more harm. would be a nice goodwill gesture on Sony's part. #2.2

room4143535d ago

f*ck the hacker community

they deserve NOTHING

scotchmouth3535d ago

We need more of these articles? This is hardly the first.

ClaveroRulz3535d ago

Inb4 "greedy users wanting different games", "Sony can't please everyone", "Sony owes you nothing so shut up greedy bastard", "I want a 10$ coupon", "F*ck infamous, wipeout, dead nation and quest for booty, Where is my Lair-Haze pack?".... d ^__^ b

Menech3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Actually your cool didn't notice everything in quotations.

ps921173535d ago

Too expensive by giving away these five game they can advertise their sequels and perhaps profit from it.

I am for one happy for the games offered.

I don't have Infamous or LBP.

Have always wanted to play both.

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The story is too old to be commented.