Dead or Alive Dimensions banned in Sweden due to Child Pornography laws?

On January 29, a 37-year-old man was convicted in court for possession of child pornographic cartoons. He works as a translator of manga comics, which appeared to be the subject of the investigation.

Whatever opinion you have about the case, it has now also affected the game in Sweden.

Bergsala has decided not to release Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS in our country, which is said to be due to a police report against them.

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tehpees32707d ago

should have put it on NGP instead. children should not be playing this game anyway

TOO PAWNED2707d ago

I live in Sweden and didn't know this about Manga.

Jack-H2707d ago

Kinda hard to resist with a title like that.(the article I mean) .... FF13 (yeh i use real numbers, deal with it) Kept having crap like "oooh almost got to see up this child's skirt" I'm not Japanese and idk if that has to do with it. But I don't want OR need that crap in a video game. Classy.

Bimkoblerutso2707d ago

It's a ridiculous distinction, to be sure. You'd have to start arresting people for murder if you want to start making that distinction between 'real' and 'simulation.'

That being said, I will admit that there is a trend amongst Japanese developers to include fanservice that involves younger and younger girls in their games that is beginning to become a little...creepy.

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